Couriers on Culture Show BBC2
  • next week..

    what's all that about then?
  • London couriers?I just hope they're not imposters,it's starting to get to me.
  • wait a minute...I can vaguely remember some stuff from Millportpoloco 2006.
    Selimski drank so much he hasn't touched a drop since...
    Nigel gave up vegitarianism...
    there were a load of Irish couriers dressed as pirates...
    ...and people with big expensive looking cameras...
    Oh shit.
  • All I know is they filmed some stuff at Millportpoloco in 2006, then they've been doing more filming recently with James Tait in Glasgow and got some old London footage from Wee Scott.
    Judging from the BBC bumf:
    "Cycle couriers have the highest insurance rates in the UK: is it because of their secret drag races?"
    It's going to be the usual pile of mis-representational horseshit.
    And I expect that after the show has aired all our insurance premiums?!? will sky-rocket.
  • Is this gonna be the very old footage Ryan shot from his motorbike of Bungle's double drag race?

    I was dressed in drag, along with everybody else, and puked going along Bayswater road, uh oh...
  • Well done Josh.At last the viewing public will REALLY see what we get up to!!!
  • When's this on then? I can't see Culture Show listed in the TV guide
  • Saturday, 7.10pm BBC2...
  • Well that was good to see.About time too!!!
  • That was a five minute segment about nothing...but if your going to do a piece on Alleycats without bothering to film an Alleycat what do you expect.
    It was good to see some familiar ugly faces.
    There is also a fine line between being guarded in your comments to the camera about illegal races and being boring.

    SECOND OPINION: I just watched again on the BBC website without anyone talking over it and it's not that bad, they did manage to miss out every memorable part of that weekend though... but that's probably a good thing.
  • that's cool.

    now the general viewing public think that an Alley Cat race is a ten yard dash in a deserted cul-de-sac then falling asleep in some woods dressed as a pirate.

    I can't see anything wrong with that?
  • Wot a load of Bollocks. I've seen much better film taken by couriers, perhaps the BBC should employ a few of them for other reasons that to deliver stuff.
  • Where can I watch this online? I'm oot the country with no tv.
  • bbc online should have for the 30 days after it's initial broadcast, might watch it later.
  • I think this was about the best result possible. It didn't make couriers look cool but it was a relatively affectionate look at the scene that didn't dwell on how dangerous or illegal many courier activities are. It won't get the art school set all excited about alleycats, and it won't prompt a backlash against scofflaw couriers. I don't really see the point in explaining alleycats to the masses, that happened back home in SF and now you get a bunch of rich advertising fucks showing up to races with $4,000 bikes and shit attitudes who think they know courier culture because they have watched some NY alleycat on youtube 600 times. I really feel that alleycats are most fun when they are contested by a group of people who know and respect each other and the primary prize is bragging rights. I don't even like people filming alleycats. so yeah.. I liked the program.
  • I tried to watch it in interweb magicians knew I was in France and told me I wasn't allowed....boohoo....P.S. should I bother?....oh yeah, plus one to above.....but there's nothing to stop "them" putting one on if they want either.
  • I agree with what James said. I did everything I could to keep alleycats off the tele or film. And that was in the face of some heavy lobbying.

    I don't know if anyone remembers the piece that ended up on ITV london late at night, the one that started 'every month at the Duke of York, London's most dangerous couriers...'

    the woman that made that piece had already been invited by others, and when I tried to talk her out of it, she said don't worry it'll be a sensitive piece, it'll be contextualised etc 'london's most dangerous couriers'

    lesson: never trust tv or film, they'll take what they want to sell it to a channel, and never mind what the consequences might be.

    There were loads of other offers, all of which I knocked back, but the only one that stands out is this girl who wanted to do a show on alleycats for C5.

    I had said that it wasn't worth it to us, that we wouldn't gain anything, that we would stand to lose a great deal if it was on tele, that it wouldn't be our thing anymore if it was publicised etc etc ad nauseam Bill-styli, cut off all her arguments at the knees

    until she came back with an unanswerable shot:

    look, don't worry, it'll be on C5 late at night - no-one will see it!

    needless to say, I still didn't agree.

    Glad to hear that the Beeb2 thing was ok.

    Good job James and westcoast!
  • Don't thank me. If I'd been living in Glasgow at the time the cameras would NOT have been invited.
    In all fairness to them, the TV people were nice pleasant folk, who camped with us on the island. The saturday night party destroyed them though and we didn't see hide nor hair of them on Sunday. They also suffered from everyone behaving themselves when the cameras were on. That's why almost all of the shots have people aimlessly milling around in the background, they're just waiting for the cameras to disappear so they can start fucking around again. And they somehow managed to make Jaimzey, Tater and Randall all come across as upstanding, responsible citizens, I mean if there's three people in the world you wouldn't lend your bike to...
  • Talking about lending your bike to people.....Didn't something happen to Randals bike that weekend that didn't quit make it onto tape?

    The general public was somewhat disappointed with the lack of 'coolness' in the video;

    Or maybe the wrong perception? god knows. I liked it (probably for all the wrong reasons though) but am a bit puzzled as to which amount the greater british public is helped with this look into 'our underground culture'.
  • sleepy and i watched it last night. as a member of that "greater british public", i thought it was boring, in fact, i found it hard to even concentrate on it at all. the best part about it was the clap your hands say yeah song. :confused:
  • My god, the fgss people are funny.

    I loved it, because it wasn't a typical courier hulabaloo. I can't wait to go to Millport Loco this year, and i'm ashamed I missed it last year.

    The show just showed a bunch of people having fun with there bikes, which can only be a good thing. Come on! It was supposed to be a heartwarming look at community, which is exactly what it was.

    Lord knows couriers are not cool. And thank god for that!

    BTW lukettet, Song was ace.
  • I liked it because it was normal.Couriers having harmless fun isnt quite enough for the people on FGSS-note I did nt call them fakengers-they were more interested in that fashion designer in the programme I'd say.What a cnut he was!!By the way, that bloke organising the race did nt look like he was from Glasgow at all did he?!?!
    I'm off to the fakenger forum,Ta la.
  • According to one FGSS member, fixed wheel bikes are an 'interesting cycling concept'...

    In fact it's an old and long-outdated 'concept' that is far less interesting than the technical advancement of derailleur gear technology....
  • typical student comment!...but true.
  • How long before a genuine courier, innocently going about his/her business gets accused in the street of being a "hipster", "fixie rider" or "fakenger" by a member of the non-cycling fraternity ?

    and don't say it won't happen, the radio and dirt can and have been approximated (by all accounts) already
  • I don't know where James T tried to get insured, or against what, but Combined Insurance Companies of America have insured couriers against loss of earnings, death, loss of limbs etc for a number of years. Also any messenger with a mortgage must have life insurance - I am pretty sure that Jon Chang has a mortgage...

    I liked the way that James T's beard went short and long through the clip.
  • We are trying to arrange an upload to youtube of the section for all you poor benighted non-blighty peeps.
  • yes purleease Bill, I've been searching in vain for a download of it...

    I know not to expect much but I still have great images of Jamesie and Tater dressed up as pirates...
  • If we can , we will!
  • "How long before a genuine courier, innocently going about his/her business gets accused in the street of being a "hipster", "fixie rider" or "fakenger" by a member of the non-cycling fraternity ?"

    First happened to me look at him - he thinks he's a courier the year I started controlling at OYB. What year was that Bill? You remember...
  • Right here it is, but be warned it's going to be the most boring 5 minutes and 16 seconds of your life.
  • cheers for that, zander!
  • can't believe i finally make it onto the telly (and it's not crimewatch!) only to discover i'm wearing a green lycra balaclava! either the censors decided this was for the better or i'm just destined not to have my dear old ma see me on the box and tell her friends 'that's ma boy!. Or 'right, let's get him sectioned NOW!'. guess i'll just have to stick to x-factor auditions. humbug!
  • can some one translate that for those of us who don't speak Up North?

    @nhat you want any american vegan goodies? whisper.

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