The Italian Job, Alleycat 7-12
  • Next friday, Marco's leaving alleycat.

    Start round 8:30 at the Jon Snow.

    Proceeds to the Canuckistan Carkillers emergency fund.
  • And a perfect oppertunity for you to post that wonderfull movie of yours again bill.
  • If anybody wants to do a checkpoint btw give me a call.

  • Oh thanks Jos, I had nearly forgotten about it!

    Wait a minute where is it?
  • Jos, I heard you met my future wife, Annie, in Paris.
    I'll be getting in on the 5th staying with a gracious lady in Hackney the first few days, if you need a loud American, let me know. As long as it takes no more than a cursory knowledge of the British.

    Italian # +39 338 605 2329 -I don't call anyone, a little too much for me at the moment, unfortunately.
    skype: franzellers

    Did you ever get the Berlin Photos?
  • is "NEXT" friday today the 30th Nov or 7th December?
  • Aint today, look at the topic

    Is this a coincidence?
  • 1. Dazzler
    2. Merc Smasher
    3. Overdrive

    Good race all. Sounds like it was a wicked run in from wherever the fuck the second last checkpoint was!

    I packed feeling like crap with 2 cp to go, had no clue how to get to NW3, I'll be back
  • Freezing cold outside the Snow. messengers and hipsters, ladies and gentlemen, shoulder to shoulder like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney at the piano in Ebony and Ivory.

    29 racers, one prize.

    First checkpoint Holbein Place, SW1. Go!

    Super-fast scrambling start up Poland and along Oxford Street, cutting through sheep at Oxford Circus. Pack of ten or so rolling into Hanover with Piccadilly as key – the pack went for Grosvenor Street, I cut down St Georges, Bruton, Berkeley Square, Curzon and Clarges, one rider ahead of me when I hit Piccadilly. Overdrive. I caught him with Ryan on my tail – ‘Do you know where it is?’ I asked. Yup. Sweet. First riders at checkpoint one. ‘Do 10 push-ups’ they said. No.

    Little Venice, W2. Paddington then. Five or six of us now back through Sloane Square and Sloane Street, Park Lane here we come. Marble Arch, go round the one way? Fuck no, straight across. We’d lost a few, three of us now, me Brian and Josh, Josh leading the attack, the long steady incline of Edgware Road against a bitter headwind . My poor lungs. Breathe goddamit! Were we leading? We must be. Where was the checkpoint?? Ryan rolls up lost. Down the canal, there’s a flashing light, must be them. Whoohoo! It was. We weren’t leading. Shit! Somebody is hardcore pedal to the metal. One guy they said.

    Rosslyn Hill, NW3. Christ, where the hell’s that? A flapping of A-Z’s. Josh? Any ideas? No? Seeya later then, I’m gunning for second. Who’s that chasing me? The infamous Mercedes Bends. Let’s ride together. St. John’s Wood, Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, uphill forever, lungs bursting, burning. Time for a fag? Wait till after. A-Z again – short cut up Belsize Park Avenue to Haverstock Hill. Getting my breath back now. Breathe. Where’s Number 38? Must be down the hill. Shit! Rosslyn Hill is north back up the hill. God no, who’s that pelting down the hill the other way? It’s Overdrive. ‘Wanker!!!’ we shout. A cheesy grin flashes by, our hearts sink. Out of the saddle up the hill, we’re in Hamstead – there’s the checkpoint. ‘Homeward bound boys, back to the Snow.’ Right. Game on.

    Drop straight down to lowest gear and HURTLE, like some kind of possessed titanium stealth rocket back down Haverstock Hill towards Chalk Farm. ‘Where are your lights?’ they cry. ‘Wheeeee!!!’ I go. I ‘aint stopping. Where’s Ryan? Not following, must have taken another route. I’m riding alone for the first time. OK. Let’s have it.

    Camden. The one way system. Not for the faint hearted but whoosh! the wrong way over Camden Lock against oncoming traffic, riding hard, headlights blinding me, town isn’t far. Zig-zag across the pedestrian crossing at Camden tube, slip past the Worlds End and back on the right track down Camden Street, gotta be doing 30 when I hit the corner into Mornington Crescent, glad I pumped ‘em up to 110 before the race, I’m on rails. Hampstead Road, across traffic through Euston Road (risking death??!) looking for good old Whitfield Street, always good to cut the crap through Noho. Oxford Street again, christ, people actually come here for pleasure. No worries, must have done this 1000 times. Go Go Gadget Eagle Eyes. At last, Berwick Street, roadworks so Noel Street, wrong way down Poland, cobblestones and home. I don’t believe it! I’d won!! Where was Overdrive?? 20 seconds behind with Ryan that’s where. John ‘correct way round Camden one-way system’ Overdrive. Ryan ‘shortcut over the bridge through Primrose Hill’ Canuck. :-) It’s nice. I like. Who’s got a fag?

    Ciao Marco. An inspiration and NO LIE. Fair thee well Sir.
  • Yup seeing you two going up the hill while I was tanking downwards was a sweet moment soon to be ruined.I was so far ahead I stopped off for a pint of guiness!Good thing is the top three are all working couriers who raced in honour of one of the best.Well done Daz and Ryan.:clap:
  • Nine hundred and ninety million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine *****POINTS**** for Overdose.

    Bring back the Muppet league damn it!

    Are you past it? Will you ever have a similar opportunity?
  • Sorry but I did'nt see a F*ckwit from Devon with laughable sideburns racing on friday night.Maybe I am past it but I'll always go past you!!!!:fingersear:
  • Only on the way to the bog, your prostate is about 100 zillion year older than mine.

    I can't believe you blew it after leading in from the last check point! Gutted!
  • Oh well,such is life.

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