Something practical
  • Indeed!!!
    That gaff can be a real arseache.
    nice one.
  • last time i was in there i was delivering about a quarter ton of safe. more like back ache that time.
  • 'course, none of that list applies if the goods lift is knackered, in which case, its back round to the front, persuade nice man on the front desk that the list is buggered, wait for him to call the back door, get the lift to the appropriate floor, convince nice receptionist that the lift is buggered, wait for her to call the front desk to confirm the lift is buggered, wait for her to call mail room staff to come sign, wait for mail room staff to get off their arse and walk across building whilst listening to the receptionist whining about how the knackered lift makes her life so much harder.

    And sometimes thats still quicker than actually waiting for the goods lift because some tosser upstairs didnt shut the door, then getting stuck upstairs because a bunch of incomprehensible office movers from tyneside are stripping the building one paperclip at a time through the ground floor lift door.

    i love glh

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