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    1 day left, don't forget! Doesn't matter how crappy the costume- JUST RACE!
  • Thanks to all the organisers and marshalls. Another splendid race.

    Being a halloween alleycat I was expecting a bit of an event more than a race with lots to do at checkpoints, but in the end this was a
    real old school alleycat, checkpoints all on circuit and with just brief sillyness at the stops which didn't break up the racing too
    much. I don't know where all the regular fast guys were but I'm sorry you missed out on a proper good race, ~35 riders but very few
    with much experience racing in London.

    Start - John Snow
    Most took the embankment to

    -Trinity Square Gardens EC3
    Bits of papers on the fence told us the next checkpoint, lost all the chasers on the way there by starting over London Bridge before
    hopping the middle onto Arthur Street for Southwark Bridge, except Wagner who was stuck fast to me the entire race.

    -Clink Street SE1
    Think we had to drink something here, last time I saw any other riders was a few arriving while we were leaving here.

    -Wood's Buildings E1
    By Whitechapel tube. I use a large scale map book and this is quite clear on there, but not the same as it is in real life - if you
    only had a mini you were probably buggered. Can't find the alley from Whitechapel Road, have to go round the back and there we find
    Selim stood by some writing on the wall. This was the downfall of many DNFers (most of the starters?) Place of Jack the Rippers first

    -Bunhill Row EC1(by cemetry gates)
    Thought we were told to go to a pumpkin shop at Lincoln's Inn?? Thought this must be the fruit and veg stall at Twyford Place so we
    pushed through the pub crowd at Turnstile... no one at stall... we ride round the square and find CP at SE corner,

    -Lincoln's Inn Fields WC2
    dip hand in nasty gunk to get next CP. I know now we were meant to buy a pumpkin on the way. Only 1 rider did this, and James had a
    bag of pumpkin seeds.

    -Angel CT. SW1
    Do some tricks.. got a sweety and two CPs

    -Rotten Row (Hyde Park)
    Make a Blair Witch Proj style film

    -Vernon Square WC1
    Wookie sent us up the hill

    -Myddleton Square WC1
    Climb over a lethal spiky fence, chase, catch and kiss Seamus. Mmmmmm.

    -Finish. Intrepid Fox, St. Giles High Street.
    So on the way in its me and Wagner. This was his first race and he says his last. Thats good news for anyone who wants to win. He
    didn't have a map book or try to do anything but follow but I was constantly amazed by how he managed to follow me through all sorts of
    gaps. I stopped trying to actively drop him from Clink Street on but only cos he's such a nice guy, and still if I caught a gap I
    wasn't waiting. Had a flat back tyre on the run in and tried to throw him a dummy left off New Oxford onto Earnshaw Street, but traffic
    was with him and he was on CP side of the road so we arrive neck and neck with me trying to ride through him to get to Marshalls.. he
    could of been declared winner.
  • Photos:
  • Thanks for everything Josh! It was an honour to race with someone which to me is one of the finest messengers in London!
    Well, just before the race start i was thinking my strategy. As i'v never raced before, i did not know much what to do, and with no map on me (stupid mistake), i would have to follow someone and obviously it would be Josh. Not only coz he is fast but also a very nice guy,and i know he wouldn't mind.
    Any way, my goal was to enjoy the race and why not to test myself and see how fast i am.
    I thought if i could keep up with him until the end i would be happy, but was not easy, this guy is really fast and wasn't making it any easy for me. After Whitechapel i knew the race would be between the two of us, so i thought, lets make it a good race, and so we race each other until the end.
    It was a really nice race and well planned. Thanks to all the organisers and marshalls.
  • a couple more photos here :

  • "to me is one of the finest messengers in London!"

    he's cute but he aint all that.

    sorry i missed it, hospital sucks :-/
  • Have to disagree with you there, sleeps. Definitely one of the finest messengers in London!
  • No Sleepy's right. That's why I did the alleycat not the beauty contest a few day before :)

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