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  • I really don't get it.
  • fiver to enter, champagne reception to follow. Ladies dress nicely,
    Gentlemen wear suits, nice clothes, pin stripes, you get the picture.

    Prizes for first, first girl, first boy,and best costume. Sponsered by me and the broadway market bike stall, more prizes/sponsers expected and will be anounced.

    Jesus this will be fun.

    oh yeah, make sure you bring everything you would nomally need for a working day.

    you've been warned.

  • Thanks Josh!
  • "oh yeah, make sure you bring everything you would nomally need for a working day."

    i need to bring my tv and the kettle? what kind of a race is this?
  • It's a messenger race. In your case, you need to bring whatever tools it is that you use to screw your limbs back on.
  • Is it alright to employ 'road rash' tactics in this race? In that case I'll be bringing my super powerful magnet for some Papa scuppering...
  • So I have to bring my laptop, printer and scanner AND dress up as a girl? Thanks Nhatt!

  • I think there's been some confusion by the male cyclists on the dressing up policy.

    Yes, you can wear a dress if you want, but I would prefer to see you in a suit. I love men in suits, and it is my leaving do after all.

    If you do decide to wear a dress, you will still be racing as a boy. Any doubt that a person wanting to race as a girl is not a genuine girl will have to submit them selves for a pap smear. Sorry, just playing fair.

  • you always ignore me in a suit ...
  • nhatt's leaving? well done *hums "we gotta get outta this place"*

    champagne at the finish line is the way to go, see you there :thumbup:
  • Yeah Sleepy I always have the Jello and DOA version of that song in my head when I'm empty in EC3.
  • Nhatt,

    you should know by now, that if there's something that boy London messengers like doing more than riding a bike and drinking beer, then it's wearing a dress whilst riding a bike and drinking beer.

    I'll be amazed if there are enough 'men' to go around all the 'girls'.
  • i hope your race goes well, nhatt. you introduced me to the joys of daifuku, and for that i am very grateful! i love them squidy, green, weard balls of mush. :thumbup:
  • perhaps I will come back home for this. officially retired now but I only met u once properly nhatt on a cold august morning outside fabric. You were very nice though. I like suits.
  • Here's an update on the prizes!

    As most of you know, the first prize (regardless of gender) is a terry dolan track frame.

    then for the next person of each gender to arrive there is a handmade hat from Smeear, pink grips from the broadway bike stall, and lots and lots of booze. There will be a special prize for best dressed, and for something so top secret that you won't know about it till half way through the race.

    The lovely Moving Target is giving away that most amazing dfl prize ever, a special mention on the front page at some point in the next year, and a t-shirt! Yeah Bill!

    If you want to skip the race, I'll be heading to Big Red at about 7 for leaving drinks.

  • what about a prize for first out of towner?

    just when you thought you'd got rid of me, i'm comng back and i want a prize!
  • Where is the booze coming from?
  • A fountain?
  • Like a fountain of yoof but so much better......
  • Woops, I am a muppet (blush)

    The lovely and amazing rollapaluza folk have donated some fabulous beverages of the alcoholic variety.
  • Shots of yer ugly mugs from Bow street,Paul street and Finsbury Park.
  • Thanx everyone, brilliant race. I am off to build the frame up now.:peace:
  • Well done Josh, I'll get you next time..

    That was probably the most fun I've had on a Saturday afternoon since I spent some time recently in Dulwich Sainsburys hiding poisoned mousetraps amongst the humous. Tossers.

    Wicked day, brilliantly organised, thanks to everyone who made the effort.

    Selimski's photo's are spot on too, brilliant stuff - I took a few too if you want a gander..


    Nice one Nhatt, have a wicked holiday mate!
  • and some more photos here:


    have a good one Nhatt
  • nice one nhatt, sorry i didn't say goodbye- myself and tank were embarrassingly drunk by the end. my head still hurts.

    just checked the menu for pogo, looks fucking sweet :bigsmile:
  • more from paul st checkpoint - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rakan/tags/alleynhatt/
  • I can't thank everyone enough for coming out to play on saturday, I had a brilliant time organizing it with Wookie. I've been laughing for weeks at all the ridiculouse stuff we've been planning, so I'm glad you all thought it was funny too.

    I am so very glad that frame is getting put to good use, Josh, ride it hard and win some more!

    I've been looking at some of the photos from the photo shoot, they are ace. Super ace in fact. Not too sure what to do with them yet....Black mail, any one?

    I will try and type up my top five favorite letters and put them here, some of them are way too good to be missed, especially Sleepy's winning entry (sorry Dazzler)! BTW, sleepy, you did say good bye to me before you left, as did your young lady.

    If anyone wants, I'm having midnight champagne and mango juice on the roof of my place in bloomsbury, opposite the british museum, on tuesday night. RSVP to me allmyheroesplayguitar@gmail.com

    For those of you who can't make it, I'll see you next year!

  • "BTW, sleepy, you did say good bye to me before you left, as did your young lady."

    seriously? all i remember is sitting on the pavement with holloway road spinning round me, getting up to find my g/f had been banned from the pub, next thing we were somewhere down seven sisters road and tank was falling over rubbish bags outside a kebab shop. result :swingin:
  • oh, tuesday sounds good :bigsmile:
  • Ha ha, the boys looked dashing!
    Nhatt, thanks again for organising such a lovely fun filled day. Im lovin my new smear hat.
    Will try make it to tomorrow night, would be nice to see you B4 you goes a caravaning...
  • Nhatt thank you so much. Sweet race.

    No one did a report?
    Just a quick one so that those who didn't do it get more info:

    Start: Bow St Ballerina
    - men in ill-fitting suits (apart from DASHING charlie)
    - women looking hot
    - Girls got a 5 mins headstart
    - when we finally ran to our bikes, we found out that EVERY tyre had been deflated
    - mad rush for hand pumps (didn't have mine - thanks Werner)

    1st Checkpoint: Some alley near St John street
    - just a rolling checkpoint, we were told of the next one.
    - I think some potatoes were mistakenly given to the girls there... Nhatt?

    2nd checkpoint: 120 Cheyne Walk (embkmt near lots road)
    - caught up with the girls
    - everyone is given a copy of Easy Living Magazine + a piece of paper with a cryptic grid
    - we had to find a page, then a line, then a letter in that line to spell out the next checkpoint. One letter at a time. Hard!
    - As soon as the first guys found out everyone followed them

    3rd checkpoint: The Buddha in battersea Park
    - we had to write a love letter of at least 50 words to Nhatt
    - Nhatt you know I mean it.

    4th Checkpoint: Florida St EC2 (no number)
    - those who'd been to Roxy/mike/john/laura's place had an advantage
    - we had to step into their flat with bike to be photographed in a makeshift studio. Wanna see pics!

    5th Checkpoint: The Princess pub on Paul St EC1or2
    - a row of bloody marys on the floor with straws. Had to be drunk hand-less, and the next checkpoint was written on the bottom of the glass! clever.

    6th Checkpoint: Vicarage Path on top of crouch hill
    - hardcore hill to get there
    - narrow path in overgrown forest
    - marshall was not very clear about what to do next (I didn't even understand he WAS the marshall, I thought he was redirecting me to the real checkpoint - lost a lot of time there)
    - off-road path to final checkpoint was fatal if you had half-deflated tyres like me. Got a flat while sprinting against Josh

    Arrival: Finsbury park.
    - Thanks Nhatt!
    - love letters were quite fun actually.
  • Hey, Yorgo, you left about the bit where you sucked my wheel and then switched me when you came around me!


    Next time, no more Monsieur Genial!

  • ha!
    not only that, but I used YOUR knowledge of the city to find the quickest way to Cheyne walk...

    Merci beaucoup!

  • Ms Attack,

    The race was fun, won't be able to say good bye as I'll (we'll) be in Sheffield running another Rollapaluza on Tuesday.

    Good luck though, see you when you return.
  • Thanks for the repost, yorgo, I've been amazingly busy trying to get my act together before I leave, and I don't have an internet conection :cry:

    Yeah, the taters were supposed to go to the three fastest guys, ended up going to the first three people, aka the girls.

    The first checkpoint was passing alley, ec1, where you were supposed to make a pass at the marshal. Only the oh so lovely Bill did this, there for he technically won.


    On a slightly less light note, I know that Steve's empress card went missing from his tarot deck, and I very foolishly put my jacket down amoungst the courier stuff, never to be seen again. It's black and silver and I bought it the day before the race, smells of new and champagne. If you happen to have ended up with it...

    Well, I guess hold onto it.

  • Yeah, that's right the three fastest guys, which in English is "people" non specific of sex...isn't it?

    Caspar and I have been stressing over this point and feel terribly bad we messed the whole thing up.....King Bill wins again!
  • I can't tell you how happy I am to see that bike up and moving.

    I'll know I"m really home when I see you riding it!

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