Help with a stucked sit post!!!
  • Anyone know how do i take it off?
  • angle grinder
  • Melt it out. Normally a job for frame repair shop.

    Or take the bottom bracket out, turn the frame upside down and pour cola into the seat-tube.
  • thanks guys! but i'm wondering if cola wont do any damage to the steel frame!
  • now i cuted the bloody seat post and will try to grinder it! wish me luck!
  • yeah cola can cause all sorts of damage. stick with the safe and precise angle grinding.
  • Plus Gas (spelling?)

    A penetrating oil, but does the same thing as cola.

    What are you angle grinding?
    How does this get the seat post out from the frame?

    Let the plus gas soak in for as long as you can give it (days). Put an old saddle on the post and twist and pull. It will take a lot of work and you may need to let a new dose of plus gas/coke soak in after each bit of movement.

    Remeber to use lots and lots of grease on your new post.

    If you really can't be bothered to let a bike shop have a go You can heat the frame yourself, but NOT if it is a high grade steel (above reynolds 531) as you will effectively be altering the orignal heat treatment.

    you'll ruin the paint, and you must be careful not to get it too hot so as the brazing melts.

    You only need to heat it enough to make the seat tube expand and break the corrosion bond with the aluminium post. You must not heat in one place too long. keep the heat source moving.
    My bike mad uncle claims this can be done on a LOW Heat gas stove at home.

    Wanna Try?
  • Well nomorek, thanks for the tip! the case is: i have cuted the sit post and my stove is not heated by gas.
    as i'm doing the paint job it is still on the primer faze!
  • drill and tap the inside of the post. doesn't have to be a reverse thread tap. bolt up and twist/tug it like it was your dinkle.
  • Wag98, where did you get this frame? Was it off an english guy? I only ask because hippy claims that Poms have a problem with seized posts.
  • Bill, that was long ago about four years, believe it or not i found it geting rusted in pile of junk !! I think it was stolen from a messenger as it was only the frame and the bloody aluminium seat post already stuck! Any way it was a present from heaven!
    I think is a (pursuit?)track frame 1969/70 because of the geometry, columbus tubbing, and was named Aelin or Ailen on the original paint job, if i well remember, (it was a frame factory from Croydon i think). Any way that sitpost has to go!!!!
  • They didn't start making lo-pro frames until the 1980s (Moser popularized them with his 1984 Hour Record).
  • GG Allin made frames? did he use to ride around on them throwing his poo at people?
  • :rolling:
  • cut the top of the seatpost off, then use a long hacksaw blade to cut sections of the seat tube (lengthwise) being careful not to cut into the frame...after the second section it will probably just fall out, or you can bend it out by then, frames stays unharmed but you lose a seatpost.
  • ^ tried and tested guaranteed works method.
  • yeah, my seatpost (clamp end) broke riding to work, so I called in and rode home, it was then I realised post was stuck....above method took me two hours...but I still managed to get in for about two thirds of a day's work.
  • You cut the thing lengthways inside the tube? Or just the bit that is stick out from the tube?

    Sorry, dense.
  • just a bit cos i wanted to see how long it goes inside the tube, whi is 10".
  • cut top off near frame, then yes cut lengthways inside the tube, you'll have to make sure the hacksaw blade is a good bit longer than 10"'s quite hard to cut evenly, but possible. and if seatpost is ally and frame is steel you soon know when you start touching the inside of the frame.
  • thanks for the tip Winston! i'm doing it, and yes, the tube is alloy is a very slow process but i'm geting there!
  • I left enough seatpost poking out to get a pair of mole-grips on the end, my seatpost had bonded to the frame and needed further persuasion after cutting.
  • Finally i got the thing off my frame!!!!!!!
  • by the way! i was tryng to post a photo but my computer skills are not like my bike's!
  • put the image on the internet mate, that one is still on your mac. Flickr or photobucket do free image hosting...

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