bye bye alleycat 24/8
  • as some of you know, in september i will be quitting to go to university. to commemorate this frankly momentous occasion there will be an alleycat race followed by party. alleycat entry is standard £5, don't know about prizes yet- either bike stuff or booze. party is free to all. more details to follow...
  • you f**king spounger!

    hey joe if you are still at reuters, i will try and send some cheeky monkey stickers and drink bottles over?

    tell me asap as i need to send pronto
  • i'm going to uni this year aswell. what you gonna study and where?
  • yep, im still at reuters :smile:

    @ NIK, i'm doing a degree [with foundation year] in audio systems engineering at QMUL
  • wow, sounds technical and horribly complicated, good luck. i'm doing sport science at Nottingham Trent. have you got in for sure, or do you need to wait till the 16th for results?
  • details so far:

    start: Jon Snow 24/8

    prizes for first and second in male female categories, also first fakenger and DFL.

    2 free beers at the afterparty for all everyone who completes the race.

    afterparty goes on all night is free to all and in a smoking throughout venue.
  • you'll be back sleepy. quitting my arse. surprised its not a fundraiser to get you more beer tokens. shamone.
  • :clap: well said that man!
  • Hey sleepy my mate Jack who works part time as mechanic at Witcomb's wants to help out at's his first should he get in touch?Peace
  • just turn up at the start and we'll work from there :smile:
  • was a nice race...damn many finished ? #7 ;)
  • 26 entered, 24 started, 18 finished. twas a short and easy race! some serious muppetry must've occured somewhere!

    the course:

    start Jon Snow
    SE1 club weston and st thomas st
    Fabric charterhouse st
    Egg club york way and vale royal
    Electroworkz city road and torrens st
    Pub on the park london fields
    finish somewhere on the lea bridge road
    afterparty courtesy of Housebreakin' till 8am in a field! [pictures of that to follow]

    top 3 men:

    American Mike [won 2 conti folding gatorskin tyres and a bottle of pink champagne]
    Yorgo [won a bottle of pink champagne]

    top 3 ladies:

    Nhatt [won 2 conti folding gatorskin tyres and a bottle of pink champagne]
    Niki [won a bottle of pink champagne]

    First fakenger:

    Yorgo [won a broken radio with custom coathanger aerial and a can of polish lager]


    Nick [won a rear light and a can of carlsberg special brew]

    thanks to the marshalls [especially the pike who took it upon himself to setup a challenge at the pub on the park checkpoint] and all who entered. also massive thanks to the housebreakin' crew who busted their asses getting the party going.

  • That was a super fun alley-cat, thanks Sleepy! As one of the people that inspired me to become a courier (not that i'm sure I'm thanking you for that), and as one of the friendliest people on circuit, you will be sorely missed.

  • very sweet of you nhatt :bigsmile: as this friday is my proper last day there will be a proper last day drinkup at the snow starting at about 1pm when the creative riders get there :thumbup:
  • more drinking count me in! i'll get some of my friend's special white rum to give you a proper send off, its 86.5% and its vicious, it burns your stomach lining as well as your mouth and apprently it makes you go blind, not so sure on that though.
  • Was nice to meet u sleepy, i had a fine time at yr alleycat (esp. trying to find "2" lea bridge rd??!!) ;) perhaps see u again at the snow b4 u go....Trust nik eh? just be careful he don't try to shoot clarky cat into yr eyeball!!?? (ok so i don't know what clarky cat is, but if nik has it then it's intended to fuck u up proper)
  • shots through the eye, my favourite way to consume vodka (or anyhting else around 40%), gets sraight to blood stream, score!
  • yeah thanks sleepy - fun and quick alleycat.
    Mike was the man really, he led us (Bulgarian Peter, SF James and me) all the way - I would never had found my way around otherwise.
    - Mike leading us through Old Compton street at 9 on a friday night. Ped madness.
    - Me hitting a grey (i.e. almost invisible) chain on city road, whilst trying to cut a corner on a sidewalk. Stupid move, plus 2 people followed me and we all kinda crashed..
    - Mike going INSIDE the Mosque at 2a Lea Bridge Road to ask the young practicing Muslim men the way.. Shoulda taken his Vans off!
    - the ride through Hackney Marshes. Eerie.

    Plus now I can strap my fucked-up radio to my bag for the complete fakenger look..


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