Cycle Courier = Worse job in London
  • OK you bunch of drunks, drug addicts, squatters, shit for brains, failures at life, no-hopers etc etc

    Obviously none of you can even afford to buy a woman a drink, let alone get married and start a family, so I am sure you will have time to join me in a discussion about the worse job in London...


    Also known as ' thinking you are cool whilst delivering mundane slips of paper for 3 quid a pop for banks etc who have nothing but contempt for you'

    So can anyone name me a worse job in London than working as a cycle courier?

    Things that make me laugh about this job:

    -People who think it's 'a cool job '

    -People who ride around with drum and bass playing through loudspeaker. You are NOT cool. Nobody likes your music, you look like a twat.

    -walking into offices and being looked at like some sort of mutant from another planet. You can tell what these people are thinking..

    "what a thick, failure, of a low life cunt"

    -Actually having to admit to somebody how much you earn (sooooo embarrassing)

    -Couriers living in squats, cardboard boxes, sofas and even at home with their mum.

    That's all for now, I will post more soon.

    Take care fellow mugs and losers.

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