whats citysprint like to work for doing van work?
  • Hi all im in a stable warehouse supervisor roll at the min that ive been doing a good few yrs. Problem is the money isnt good enough for my family and i to live on anymore since new baby come along. Ive been offered a cityspint job driving the vans and i dont know if its a good job to take. I work hard if the money is right but its a gamble seen as i have a mortage to pay and family to support. Plz help. Are they any good????
  • You're best of trying to speak to a few of the van drivers, we all work on pushbikes.

    But my instinct tells me it'd be a very bad idea to jump from any ship into the courier trade. It's a mess and you get treated like a mug, especially by the likes of CitySprint/CourierSystems/E-Courier.

    If you do go for it, I wouldn't tell them any of what you have just told us. If they know you need money for family etc. they will know that they have you right where they want you and you are sure to get dicked about.

    Not sure what CitySprint van drivers are earning, but after all the expenses are taken into account, I doubt you will be much better off. Not to mention the summer holidays are coming, which is a notoriously bad time in this industry.

    Another thing to note is that alot of these companies will advertise the jobs on Gumtree promising X amount of cash, but no matter how hard you work, that amount never materialises.

    You're in a stable job and you know exactly what you're earning. The Courier firms would quite happily send you home with nothing.

    In short; don't do it. But if you must, I'd pick a different firm. Creative, CYC or DHL might be a better option.
  • Thats good to know. All i have heard is bad about city sprint and just wanted to do my homework b4 jumping in at the deep end. The funny thing is that i got the job via gumtree promising over 800 a week what sounded to good to be true. And thats what it is. Many thanks.
  • I could be wrong mate, but I don't think I am. Try asking some of the van drivers.

    Perhaps you will be earning over 800 but how much of that is going to be spent on petrol, van hire, insurance etc.?

    I'm asking that question because I don't know. But what I can tell you is that I've never met a courier, Van, motorbike, or pushie, who did not complain about their earnings and treatment by the likes of CitySprint, etc. and I never worked at a company where the stated earnings ever materialised.

    I remember getting started in this job at one of the big companies and a van driver told me "don't do it" as apparently he'd taken home about 150 that week. This was in the summer a few years ago.

    Anyway, do a bit more homework, perhaps it's not so bad. I don't know all the facts, but something tells me that come August you will be seriously regretting the decision.

    Most people are looking to get out of this business, not in. And I strongly suspect that a lot of the Van drivers would very quickly swap jobs with you if given the chance.

    Try speaking with companies such as Creative or CYC. Explain your situation and I think they will probably give you an honest estimate of how much you can expect to make driving for them.
  • I don't know how much it costs to fill a tank over the week, but the last driver I spoke to about hire was paying £190/week for the van alone. You can lop the hire sum off the supposed 800 and expect to work approaching a 60 hour week for the privelege. I've had the same experience as hedgehog in terms of being told by drivers that they've netted sub-200 on bad weeks.

    People do the job and support their families with what they make. But it is an unpredictable income with too much dependent on pretty abritrary things outside of your control - as all courier work is, but with van drivers the overheads are that much higher. Going into high summer would be a bad time to make the leap.

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