• SO since josh wants to win global gutz again, I'm up for organizing it. Who wants to help? Who wants to beat josh? Who wants to donate a prize?

    It's pretty simple here are the rules!

    *Select a race course in town (not in the countryside) that is as flat as possible and measures in at 21 km, res. 13 mi. be exact and measure the absolutely shortest possible way so that no shortcut can be taken.
    *Measure the course first on the map and then ride it with a odometer (bike computer). This race is a lottery as it is and we should try to even chances out as much as we can.
    *Select five spots as checkpoints (start and finish do not count as checkpoints!). The first checkpoint is given at the start. At each following checkpoint the next one will be given. So the racers only know at the checkpoint where to go next.
    *You can either have people at the checkpoint to tell where to go next or use signs to indicate the next checkpoint.
    *Make no fun or hidden checkpoints.

    Make it as simple as possible to keep the global chances equal.

    *The race must start on time.
    *After all racers, male and female, have finished the course, e-mail the results to
    *Give us the exact time in minutes and seconds when the line was crossed.

    Toronto has pledged to run Global Gutz 2008 in April 2008 with the top male and female receiving free airline tickets to CMWC 2008 in Toronto, June 13-16, 2008.

    The catch – in order to be eligible for the top prize next year, cities must also race Global Gutz this year. That mean if your city doesn’t host a Global Gutz race this year you won’t be eligible to win the free airline tickets next year in that city. To win you would have to race in one of the cities that held a Global Gutz race in July 2007.
  • Saturday July 14 at 1 p.m
    The idea of Global Gutz is to have a live traffic alley cat race in lots of cities all over the world, starting simultaneously, e.g. at 7 p.m. in San Francisco and 10 p.m. in New York etc. and held over a given distance and a given amount of checkpoints in an effort to try to make race conditions as equal as possible for everyone. This way we can have a world wide competition without spending a lot of money for traveling somewhere. Everyone will just be racing in their hometown knowing that in various cities around the world there are messengers racing with or against them, and the first male and female competitors of the two hemispheres to finish will be the lucky winners.

    Why is this idea so fresh? First of all, it doesn't take much of an effort to organize. Then, everybody gets to stay home and still race in an international competition, and finally we all have the chance to be part of something greater than our daily strive and maybe win and be the fastest in your city or the world.

    One fact proved difficult in the first global gutz: we couldn't find a format to allow for everybody to race at a decent time (i.e. either the Australians or the U.S. west coast would have had to start early in the morning). This made us think that we should have two "time zones"

    This year the cities can choose between 2 time zones to race.

    Time zone 1 (Americas) is on Friday July 13 at 10:00 pm, New York time (EDT), 7 p.m. in San Francisco.

    Time zone 2 is 10 hours later (Europe) on Saturday July 14 at 1 p.m. London time.

    Most of North America will likely race in Time zone 1 and most of Europe in time zone 2 but a city can choose either time zone.

    Sydney and Tokyo can choose which time zone suits them better. Time zone 1 is on Saturday at 12 p.m. in Sydney at Time zone 2 is at 10 p.m. that Saturday night.

    Cities are encouraged (but not required) to post their course online so that we can see each others courses. A simple course via gmaps will do.
  • OK race ready to go!
    *Course done
    *Fliers done
    *Spoke cards done
    *Registered with the others

    Meet up THIS SATURDAY (14/07/07) at 1200!
    The clock starts at 1300hrs!
  • damn, that's fast. Nuff respect ! !
  • Yeah fair play Twitch
  • Where's the start?
  • are you in town michael?give me a call:07896160834
  • Nice and fast race (had to be, I arrived 2 minutes late for the start......) with about 15 (?) riders inc Hattara straight from Helsinki. 5 Checkpoints; TEA Building, 1 pennington street, JWT knighstbridge green, Madame tussaud, greater london house and back to warner street. I think the winner had a time of roundabout 40min which isn't bad in London.


    1. Josh
    2. Peter (TAG, i think)
    3. Jos
    4. Dan
    5. Yorgo (Intersection mag, with flat tire)
    6. Kamil

    Thanks a bunch for twitchy and everyone that helped out with the checkpoints.
  • Yeah thanks Twitchy and everybody else, excellent race especially at such short notice..
    First Gutz in London since '03 I think, I hope they keep happening, I got the hat-trick now, '02,'03 and '07, format must suit me good simple race no faffing about. Thanks to Peter too working with me, following but giving pushes etc, I'm sure he could have got it if he sprinted. Flat bar 71" gear not the ideal setup for this kind of race.. I was going to break out the road bike but severe hangover stopped me getting up early enough to get it, I nearly puked and passed out with the first effort down Old street, I don't think I was the only one in that kind of state.

    This is the route I took if anyone's interested, comes out 12 1/2 miles but I'm sure the 1/2 mile was in some cunning shortcuts and this map thing makes very straight lines unlike my bike riding today.. Time was 40.11 for me and Pete, I think Jos was 42.16?

    a few pics
  • thanks for the race twitch! Short and fast is fun.
    my report:
    Josh and Peter smoked me on the embankement, then as I was cruising along who else than the mighty Jos sped by me! So we rode together (well mostly me behind him) until Mme Tussauds, where my rear tyre blew up just as I was crossing the road at the worst possible place...
    Had a nice chat with the marshall (name?) whilst patching up my inner tube, stole a couple of bottles of fanta from the hot dog vendor behind him, then finished the thing.

    Nice map system Josh - I tried to do one but failed...

  • Nice work Josh, and I have to say that is an outstanding effort by the Twitcher!
  • My pictures are here:
    Nice one Josh and Peter-that was fast.Great race Thomas-well done.
    Someone remind me when was the last london alleycat with an outoftowner taking part?
  • And the global results are up aswell.

    Note that our fastest time will put us 1 place behind Silly Tjeerd from Arnhem. That must be an alleycat exclusive.

    (where are our times anyway twitchy??)
  • "Someone remind me when was the last london alleycat with an outoftowner taking part?"

    That ridiculous Lucas Brunelle thing last year?
  • right. early sunday mornings....
  • So I reckon that the first London GG must have been 2001, and Ed (89) won it. Pretty sure that Josh is right and it's only happened here 4 times.
  • yes josh! West Is Best.
  • Well considering I didn't take up the challenge till wednesday, organised and planned on thursday and fliered on friday I think it went pretty well. 11 Starters, 6 finnishers. Ian 'London Broil' Murda Crew kinda cheated or came in late, depending on how you look at it... by coming down into warner st via mount pleasent already rolling. Having missed the start he paid up after the finish. Jos also ran late by about a minute, although the others were only reaching the end of the street by the time he rolled up. Several others rang me asking what time the race started... after 1pm...

    Josh's tactics seemed to be complaing how shit he felt, and claming he was about to be sick while dropping everyone bar Peter. Jos was flying apparently but failed to catch them. Several riders dropped out due to failing to find marshalls at checkpoints (Roxy got moved on at the T building, Dave and Pedro were right at the front of pennington st but people apparently went to Gate 6 and Times house) and Chris stood at the island between Knightsbridge green and the tube station although this apparently proved faster?

    Next year will definately be happening since the fastest rider in the world will get a ticket to Toronto for the CMWC08! It's gonna be faster, better planned (or at least more in advance) and hopefully have more racers?

    Thanks to Selim for the 'Brixton Pista' shirts and Xander for the House of Pistard shirt as Prizes. Thanks to the marshalls- Roxy, Daaave and Pedro, Chris, Steve, Jacob and Selimski!

    1 Josh 'Paperboy' 40.11
    2 Peter '40.11'
    3 Jos von Metro 42.14
    4 Dan 45.16
    5 Jorgo 54.22
    6 Kamil 55.51

    Best out of Towner (House of Pistard shirt winner)- Hatara HELLsinki/Amsterdam
    Best (and only girl) Reeta- Filthy McNasties/ Hellsinki

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