return of the mighty TOFU
  • after being tempered by the arctic canadian winter, tofu will at long last return to the mighty blighty!

    half man,
    half ox,
    half EPO,
    legs of the finest steel,
    lungs of the finest tar,
    eyes of eagles,
    friend to paramedics everywhere,
    bed reserved at UCH,
    bike made of gold,
    tyres made of diamonds,
    chain lubed with blood,
    rims made of bones of rookie couriers,
    able to jump lights in a single pedal stroke,
    chug pints in a single glup,
    break bones in a single crash,
    out -naked, -wrestle, -shittalk, -anger the best,
    break breakingist,
    hero to the working lassies,
    enemy to the working classes,

    the legend will rearrive on july 29th!

    see you on the road.

    p.s. if you want anything brought over from here for cheap, email me @ iamtofu on the old gmail thingy. ex, L/F d/a hubs are USD 200 on business cycles. act soon, because i'll be in the states for a bit in july, so i can pick up shit for a couple bob!
  • Hey T,

    you forgot one:

    words made of bullsh*t


    big kiss
  • Be a shame to miss the alleycat on the 30th June. Apparently it's a race to see who the fastest courier in London is..
  • don't start that again!

    90% of people lie on their cv's apparently......not just tofu.

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