Pirate Alleycat Report
  • just a guess:

    fucking wet, not many entrants, def no fakengers. josh or jos won. pikey wayne et al started a fight with someone else/themselves. possible blood poisoning from dodgy tatooing. probably a fucking good way to spend a saturday.
  • you just jealous joe.you wish you were there.
    3.american mike
    and ladys wise:
    2.sara j
  • 29 riders,no fakengers(only genuin cyclist).few slowest got wet.goot fooking laugh
  • Where were the check points? What tattoo?

    Any pictures?
  • yep, i am jealous- but also correct :tongue: who's charlie?
  • 29 riders! That's a big alleycat. Congratulations to the organisers, checkpoints and riders.


    (I love these icons)
  • tis true, big alleycat indeed- the rest of my predictions were right tho. def v jealous now, serves me right for having a saturday job:confused:
  • Likewise!

  • start in london fields around half two.over to pirate castle in oval rd.gray's inn rd(Tam telling you off for being a pirate).happy sailor in hackney rd.you could get quick tatoo(anchor arrrr-only 13 were brave enough) and go straight to rum cl. in e1(should be a rum drinking checkpoint but bottle got missing between start and there) or do extra checkpoint next to 'golden hinde' where you play hop-scotch.'cutty sark' was next.they had to go and find a flower(paying respect to the burnt ship and all that).shooters hill rd se3.little lake,message in the botlle floating in the water hi,hi.across thames on the woolwich free ferry and back to 'execution place' in wapping.fastest finish just before 5pm.
    big thanks to marshalls and all supporters
  • _bottle got missing between start and there_

    Missing? Highway robbery?
  • charlie is the young fellow with long hair and pointy whiskers
  • i was in different part of town.dificult to say
  • :clap:

    that fucking rocks, you told me it'd be a slapathon, you didn't lie:shades:

    hope the loot went to a good home, i like how a bottle of rum went "missing" :rolling:
  • Yeah, that is a proper slap. Nice. Sounds like an excellent alleycat. I haven't done one in ages.

  • o yeee.almost forgot.all loot taken from usual suspects:Brixton Cycles,Brick Lane Bikes and Two Wheels Good + Happy Sailor-Tattoo Studio
    BIG THANKS :clap: :swingin: :peace: :whorship:
  • i saw everyone getting ready over london fields for this, but i was still sailing three sheets in the wind from friday and couldn't remember where my bike was so i had to pass. gutted. haven't been in an alleycat for about ten years
  • after we went to 'captain kidd'.nice water hall.worth checking out and it's samuel smith bar=under £2 for glass of pleassure
  • hey wookie - I had to go back to work before the prize ceremony - just wanted to thank you for a brilliant alleycat! Can't believe you took us beyond the boundaries of the AtoZ...
    Oh and how did I finish in the end? I was 4th at the Ferry but got left behind on the final sprint...

  • if anyone have pics let me know.would love to see it
  • thanks for the info Wookie - next time I'll adopt proper racing tactics..
  • here are some pics by Slamm:
  • oh and who won best outfit? Kamil?
  • kamil 'the pirate's bitch' aka Crack Whore
  • thanks for photos
  • more pics by noj.johnson http://www.flickr.com/photos/noj-johnson/
  • A very interesting and hard race. One of the nicests and longest ones I ever did with real lung breakers like the Greenwich foottunnel and shootershill (trough the park at greenwich).

    A race report for as far as I can give it:
    Fucked up at the start taking the wrong way out of London Fields but closed in on the leaders towards the first chechpoint, pirate castle on oval road nw1. First group there was Peter, Yorgo, Josh, Mike and myself. We sort of arrived at the second checkpoint in that order aswell.
    The second chechpoint on grey's inn road was designed to put some time in between the riders so that we didn't all arrived at the third checkpoint (tattooshop, 17 hackneyroad) at the same time. Mike was the first one to leave followed by Josh and myself. I caught up with Josh at hackney road where Mike decided to get a tattoo and me an Josh went on for an extra checkpoint on Clinkstreet SE1. After playing some silly game we were on our way to the checkpoint on Rum close E1, just of the The Highway. Mike was the first one there closely followed by Charlie and Yorgo (who both went for the tatto) and Josh and me. Charlie and myself put on the attack towards the 4th checkpoint at the Cutty Sark, losing Josh and Yorgo in the Limehouse tunnel. In the Greenwich foot tunnel we caught up with Mike due to diffirent combinations of stairs and elevators.
    5th checkpoint was on top of Shooters hill / Greenwich park taking us up the wall straight through the park. We lost Mike at that point. At the checkpoint we had to obtain a map from an empty bottle in the pond. Me and Charlie were off first followed by Mike and shortly after that Werner, Yorgo and Josh.
    Don't know what exactly happend but I think Josh tried to follow the Thames footpath towards the Woolwhich ferry but seeing his way obstructed by a couple of south london industrail estates. Charlie and myself arrived first at the ferry with Mike just managing to skid his way under the barriers and onto the ferry.
    After the ferry it was one big drag towards the finish on Wapping highstreet. Charlie and Mike took the East india / Dock road towards wapping while I kept going through the Limehouse tunnel again, giving me a comfortable lead at wapping high street.

    Rest of the results (as far as I know)
    1. Jos
    2. Charlie
    3. Mike
    4. Ben (and first fakenger / ex roadracer / and full gruppo rider )
    5. Josh (tight sprint with nr.4)
    6. Werner
    7. Yorgo (le Car)

    Big thanks for evey one that did checkpoints, showed up and raced. Biggest thanks offcourse to Wookie and Twitch.
  • i need to check with twitch'es timing from the feery but i know for sure yorgo finished 5th overall not 7th
  • Yeah I don't know. How did the check at the ferry fit in with the overall results? This top 7 is just the order in which we finished at the pub in Wapping.
  • thanks for the report Jos - pretty much what I saw too.
    Thanks also for letting me (try to) follow you to first checkpoint. I had NO clue how to get there.
    That second checkpoint seemed like a pain at first (queuing??!) but it did make sense with the tattoo thing. I just knew when I saw that tattoo card what was going to happen there.. I just wish I thought more about where to get that anchor inked on my skin!

    My race report:
    Same thing as what Jos said for the first 2 checkpoints. Once at the 3rd I was just before Charlie, so came out of the tattoo parlor first, but he caught up with me at the Aldgate one way thingy. We got to Rum close together, then I trailed behind everyone through the Limehouse tunnel, met Josh again in the Greenwich foot tunnel lift back up, and stuck with him to the pond, then made the error of following him along the river. Left him when he went in an industrial estate, and arrived at the ferry 10 mins before the rest I think. Got a few strange looks from the people waiting (I was wearing a monk outfit - not really piratey but hey these bandits sin a lot and I was here to help).
    Then a big group arrived and we took the ferry together, wondering if the final bit to Wapping was a race or not, as we already had our numbered spoke cards. Well you can imagine what happened - we did not take it slowly. Good slipstreaming all the way, I had a funny moment on one of the dual carriageways before the docklands, where I convinced a bus driver to let me skitch, and ordered him to power his ship past the group of flibustiers ahead. He did (!) and I sped past the group for a bit.
    We then took the Tunnel again, and once in Wapping Hight Street the Bucaneers who had benefited from my draft all overtook me and left me bouncing on the cobblestones in 7th position...

    great fun really.
  • @ to jos and others interested
    ok pirates.when i checked last weekend it takes just under 20 min for a ferry to go from south to the north of the river and back.we decided it was too long waiting for people who worked hard in the first part of the race.so we measured your time from the start to woolwich and then from the departure of the ship to the finish line.numbers on the spoke cards just made our lives easier.these two times added togethet gave us your final position.got it?
  • http://web.mac.com/fleabilly/iWeb/Site/Pirate%20Alleycat.html
    more pics
  • Hey pirates, not totally related to the race... but :pirate:Justyna lost her camera at the captain Kid pub after the race so if anybody found it, let me know...it's got lots of pictures of the alleycat...cheers :pirate:
  • Is that with or without the fakenger penalty?

  • Proper report coming soon, give me a day or two. Also other alleycats in the works!
  • thanks wookie was good fun enjoyed my first alley cat shame about rain at the end i guess i'll just have to be faster next time
  • thanks to all that organised the alley cat. The whole day was incredibly exciting but especially towards the end when the second group of us flew off the ferry. I hung on for dear life to the brown tunic of Friar yorgo (setting the pace for much of the ride), josh and werner.

    on seeing the waving pirate flag in the distance on wapping high st. Josh and I sprinted for 4th place only to be confronted by an audi and a scooter coming towards us, which we only narrowly avoided. The results might have differed if it wasn't for these obstacles... a bit scary! Good race Josh.

    An amazing event and am really looking forward future jaunts.
  • 'Is that with or without the fakenger penalty?' - hey bill.do you read other people whispered comments or is this related with some stuff from earlier?
  • what's wrong with yorgos,jos's and mine reports.are they unproper? :cry:
  • "what's wrong with yorgos,jos's and mine reports.are they unproper?"

    Naah I just mean a write up for the front page
  • I think what you have here is pretty good, but if you want something more on the front page, I am happy to put whatever you like there.

    The front page article links straight to here as well.
  • http://www.digitalrailroad.net/elisabethblanchet/gpgs.aspx?pgid=9172590&e=0&p=0
    this's some more pics inc one from tattoo check point
  • Apparently there is some controversy about fourth place. Wookie showed me his results and there I'm fourth and as Jos said I was 5th over the line. But the monk was a minute ahead of me at the ferry (I didn't see you till on the ferry but I was talking to the marshalls rather than wait right at the gate to the ferry)and only a few seconds behind over the line, whilst a group of 4 including Ben and Werner were 5-10 minutes behind me at the ferry. So including split times to the ferry the result would be 4th the monk, 5th me, 6th Ben.

    And that sprint was hella scetchy you're right Ben, 'cept the scooter was going the same way as me and I was drafting it, then he noticed me and started braking, accelerating, swerving and sticking his feet out and you passed between him, me and the oncoming car, all on wet cobbles. Fair play, that was a good sprint.
  • hey tom-tom.where's that proper report?chopchop
  • Too busy 'not debating' and 'not having the last word'.


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