Move to Manchester=find another job?
  • Family commitments force me into leaving the capital for Manchester. I was hoping to carry on couriering there and on my odd visits I have seen a few pushies flying around but a search for Manchester on these forums suggests the tiny circuit is well guarded by a couple of dedicated indies and a couple of companies who are never looking for new riders.

    I am thinking of doing some off work for some friends of friends who work for businesses in the Prestwich/Cheetham area who need some stuff shifted into town and back and build from that. I can use this time to try and build a client base or settle in and start looking for another job. Anyway I'll have a few weeks to ride my bike around the city regardless of what I end up doing.

    I left Manchester as a teenager and have only occasionally gone back to meet friends so I'll be learning all the streets anew.
    So, a question for Manchester couriers; obviously postcodes are useless for navigating so how would you break down the M60 bounded area when learning the streets? I take it key areas are Salford Quays/Mediacity, Spinningfields, Trafford and Fallowfield? I am just assuming as these are the most recognisable business/creative districts and the DX depot is in Trafford Park?

    I'm bracing myself for the "don't even thing about it/give it up/is this a pisstake?" responses but a few helpful pointers from anyone that managed to work in this city would be much appreciated.

  • Don't even thing about it/give it up/is this a pisstake?

    Seriously though, the only possibility of work that I can see is maybe running a shuttle between Mediacity and the town centre. It's something that we have discussed in the past but nobody really wanted to do it - going back and forth on the Regent Road would destroy the average soul. If you did it with a cargo bike, and really, really went to town on the hard sell, you might have a business plan.

    Otherwise, see above.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    A cargo bike was on my wishlist last year with a view to start a food business but I'm still raising funds for that. I've got a y frame trailer though and could get a box for that and try and lug stuff around, a la darwins sandwich people!

    Do you know much about xen couriers?

  • Re the cargo bike: I know of an 8Frieght going very cheaply - needs a lot of work and time spent on it mind - it's been despatched for the whole of it's short life.

    And yes, we all do a little work for xen from time to time.

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