• Hi all,

    my name is Mick. I'm a sole trader involved in Cycle Logistics in Bristol - see more here: - and I'd like to start a campaign amongst the cycling fraternity to STOP! using the term 'pedal-powered'. Pedals are a piece of metal located at the end of the crank that the rider places their feet on to turn the drive chain/belt to push the cycle forward - or in reverse if you're one of those fancy fixie stunt riders - pedals do not, I repeat not, power the cycle at any point in the process.
    Humans are the only source of power on cycles - unless one has some kind of power assist - and are fuelled by... use your imagination, just don't listen to Lance Armstrong. It's important in a reasonable, pedantic sort of way because it gives the impression that the cycle machine is in charge and doing the work and the rider is merely a passive interloper. Here's where I do agree with LA, It's not about the bike. We all love our bikes, I hope, regardless of where we are with them, Road, Track, Off-road, whether racing, leisure, commuting or like me and many others working - hello all the cycle courier massive - with our bikes. We put the energy in and get more than the functionality of the bike out. Let's celebrate our cycling and ourselves as the source of power that allows the symbiosis - poetical license if strictly unscientific here - to make this relationship more than a piece of metal/carbon/wood etc and rubber.
    Let's try using Human-powered at all times and remember who and what we are. Thanks.
  • My name is Overdrive and I'm a pedal-powered pusher.
  • My name is Diabolic and I'm a bit cranky towards Overdrive.
  • Do I take it that you geezers are not apt to to take my appeal seriously? Shame on you...
  • My name is Diabolic and I'm an alcoho.....sorry.
  • We don't like the word 'human' round here boy....
  • *humming muzak*

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