How well do I need to know Central London before applying? Do they check?
  • Hi! New here... Considering doing the job over the summer. Do you think it's reasonable to try to do it for only the three months I'll be London for over the summer? How well do I need to know central London? Any areas I should concentrate on learning? Would some form of GPS system be of any use? I know central London vaguely well. I know roughly where everything is, but I don't know many road names, or things like which bridge is where etc. Any tips/ideas?
  • Timmah!In the hope that this isn't a pisstake.Here are some pointers.
    Don't do it.Eventually you may bump into Buffalo Bill.
    You will get lost on the bridge over troubled waters.
    London hates students.
  • unless you know how to find wc3 or where to buy tartan paint I wouldn't bother
  • Wc3? I thought I knew London.
  • Hey
    First company I approached decided to hire me. I have no experience but I know London quite well and I'm very confident. I guess that's all you need at the beginning..
    Good luck mate
  • That is some fucking good advice right there. Where's Kirk?
  • I know London quite well but I'm not very confident.
  • Some companies will try you out whatever your experience/knowledge you'll soon know if you can hack it. I started not knowing LDN at all, but had previous courier experience elsewhere
  • To get to know the streets of LDN just follow these simple instructions.Do a left at the lights,then a right,then a right,another right and you'll end up at the lights....again.
  • Sound advice from a veteran.
  • Sound advice from a fossil about a veteran.
  • The romainians are coming!

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