wanted: dura ace left hand crank arm, dura ace rear hub
  • i feel sorry for my track bike sitting in the garage, so now I´ve got a bit of cash I wanna pimp it up

    these are the bits I need (want) - left hand crank arm dura ace 165mm - yes i was happy with only 1 side before now

    rear track hub dura ace (or something else equally as pimp but no italian shit) high flange preferred

    anyone got this they want to sell?
  • oh and some non oversize track bars
  • Hi Chris, just a quick note to say that I don't have any of those bits, but I do have a few alloy spoke nipples and a busted valve cap, I can write njs on them with tippex, £75?
  • I don't have non oversize track bars either, but you could buy my on one and clamp it in your stem around the top tube, it would give you lots of leverage and about 67 different hand positions, again I can write dura ace njs on it with lipstick, £478
  • what's even the point of this bloody trading forum if all it ends up being is bartering with keiran for imaginary parts has anybody succeeded in buying anything from this forum or this guy anyway
  • I might actually have a duracci back hub, but it would have a tiny flange.
  • I actually bought some handlebars from Bum once.They came with a Campag Record logo written in shit.
  • I once bought Kieran a pint and it all went to shit.
  • lets make history chris, i actually have some nitto track drops for you, they are sat a few hundred metres from your bike.
  • Hey Chris you can have the hub. You're gonna have to give me some money and do a little dance though. Not on the corner. In the pub. On a Friday. Lemme know.
  • woop woop im gonna practice my moves all week! josh i want to buy the back hub too is the "might have" a "definitely have"
  • Yes I dug it up and I really have got it, it even has NJS marked on it, not even with lipstick, so I really have to get shot of it now I know that.
  • This forum works!
  • I'll stick it in my bag for ya Chris :)
  • pub on friday then :)
  • Guinness flavoured Duracci.
  • Shit just got wheel.
  • I hope you weren't riding knobbly tyres

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