veteran bike courier can't get crank arm off...
  • Recovered an old frame of mine from a storeroom at Metro which has been stripped apart from the cranks.Managed to get the driveside off but the thread on both sides is buggered and I'm struggling to get the extractor tool to take hold of the arm.Any other way of doing this before I throw the thing away?
  • hammer the fucker, if it wasnt already stripped id say ride it around the corner without the bolt amd would fall off.both ways have worked for me before.
    also im sure you can retread it.
  • Yeh,I tried to hammer it off with a rubber mallet last night but it was a bit late in the evening.I wanna keep the cranks and put 'em back on the frame after I get a new BB on it so don't wanna do too much damage.It'll be off by tomorrow hopefully.
  • Use a mallet or hammer to bang a wooden wedge in to force out the crank. Shouldn't damage the crank or frame.
  • Put the frame in a vice and set it on fire, the heat will loosen up all the old stickers and you can toast some marshmallows to have with your tea
  • Thanks.Still haven't got the blasted thing off.What the Dickens is going on?Thinking of going back to my old estate in Tufnell Park to set it alight and throw it off the top floor of the block onto the football pitch like we used to do to cats when we were kids.
  • Well, you could take a hack-saw to it but that would mean buying another crankarm.
  • Overdrive, I can recommend the Andover Estate c.1995 method of setting it on fire and throwing it into a functioning lift. The concentrated heat should do a fine job of melting the crank off.
  • Bobble,do we know each other?At around that time I used to hang around Six Acres estate smoking weed and listening to Jamaican rap or toasting as it was called then.It was a bit rough and still is I think.
  • Shit,I'm ten years out,it was 1985.
  • I wasn't even a wailing bundle of rags until the following year, so I doubt it. My visits were out of necessity rather than leisure. Many LB Islington estates hold a notoriety distorted by some 'next town over' sort of fear here. Were their triangular blocks built by masonic slaves as an offering to a demigod? Did they skin their own pensioners to use their blood as a libation? Were they burgling the RSPCA for animals to set ablaze and throw from the top floors? Well, you said it. Anyway, they probably thought the same of us on the other side of Finsbury Park.
  • You're a dick
  • Thanks, I try. And I'll always love you, regardless.
  • Sorry bb, I didn't mean it. I really should know better than to drunk post on MT.

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