Shit frame for sale
  • Small shit frame for sale. It's one of these
    I'm trying to get rid of it on LFGSS but obviously nobody's gonna touch it with a bargepole. Special courier price of make me an offer at the bar.
    This execrable lump of shit weighs a ton and rides like a pig. Due to lazy geometry you basically have to get off at every corner and physically pick it up and point it in the right direction. It handles like the Hindenburg and weighs about the same. Comes in a shit shade of red with shitty white detailing. It is so ugly it's actually quite hard to describe.
    If anybody wants this piece of crap, for a laugh, or maybe you're desperate, I'm so sick of having to look at the fucking thing that I'd quite likely give it to you for nothing, especially if you get me liquored up.
  • Haven't you only just bought this frame?
  • Yeah man! My old one's back up and running, and I 've just spunked nearly £300 on a track frame. I'm a dick!
  • First world courier problems...
  • Irish mice. Ah, 'tis awful sad.

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