Experienced cycle courier needed for short film!
  • Hi guys and girls,

    I'm an assistant producer working with an independent director based in London, and we're shooting a short film in February.

    I'm looking for an experienced, enthusiastic cycle courier who loves the job, for what will be approximately one weeks shooting throughout London (possibly less). The role is pro bono, however I wouldn't expect any of you to forgo your regular paid work to contribute for a film for someone you've never heard of! That's why we've engineered this so that the vast majority of shooting will simply involve following you going about your daily routes and responsibilities, without disrupting your routine.

    The concept is essentially a 'slice of life'/expose on life as a cycle courier, beautifully shot, to be posted on Vimeo. We will get some really nice shots of you going about your deliveries, riding alongside in a car where we can, and add a human element by shooting an interview at the start and end of the week, where we find out a little bit about why you do what you do, and what you enjoy, as well as showcasing just how hard you guys work and how far you have to cycle! We're not looking to send any profound hollywood message here, just a cool insight into your profession, with a bit of human edge.

    So if anyone is keen to find out more, please contact Dan at daniel@connectedpictures.com, or you can reach my mobile on 07867417550.

    It should be good fun, hope to hear from some of you soon.

    All the best,

    Dan Garcia

  • You need to offer cash if you wanna make this happen.Or you can call in at Creative Couriers,they're just around the corner from you on Wndmill St,and talk to Bill Chidley.He'll do anything for publicity,even pretend to be an enthusiastic bike courier.
    Good luck.
  • This just in from Connected Pictures:

    "Connected Pictures is about engaging the minds of the audience. The way people research, gather and impart information has changed dramatically and will continue to change in ways only dreamed of by nerds and the best sci-fi writers. The advances in artificial intelligence, cloud technology and new media are fascinating and amazingly exciting - and Connected Pictures is there right in the middle of it. Whilst we handle today, our clients want to know that we are investigating tomorrow in order to advise on and create imagery and concepts that not only inform but enthuse, interest, clarify and capture people's imaginations. In other words to engage them in the tasks and actions required to take them forward."

    Thanks guys.Here's Pikey Wayne with the weather....
  • zzzzzzzz......

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