Creative Couriers looking for cargo bike rider, once again
  • If you're interested, call Rego 020 7612 4040, or pop in to 9/11 Northburgh Street EC1.
  • Due to Sax taking a leave of abscence, Posh Jon bringing his temporary assignment to a close, and Max's knees being uncooperative, Creative are looking for cargo bike riders again.
  • 9/11 Northburgh St?!
  • And what exactly is an "abscence"?
  • You're supposed to be a writer
  • But as Bill said "working here is not for everyone".
  • Bonfire of the bridges.
  • Working at Creative is indeed not for everyone.Being controlled by Lisa isn't for everyone either,in fact being controlled by Lisa isn't for anyone unless you're a cat in a herd of cats.I have no idea what this means but that's ok because Lisa has no idea what controlling means.Good luck to them in their new home though,I just hope they have an understanding cleaner when Rego's bonce finally explodes and Bill's tongue is retrieved from Lisa's rectum.
  • Pint of,please.
  • You think it might be the bike that is the problem?

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