First week work
  • Hello.

    So I started working over at ADL this monday, and I think they offer a pretty average commission (about £3.00 a run), but I've noticed that I'm waiting on empty about half of the time. I know as the new guy that I'm not exactly going to be their go-to guy for quick runs, but I spent about 3-4 hours empty today, and probably about the same yesterday.

    My question is: I know ADL are a small outfit with only about 3 couriers (4 including me now), so is it likely that they just don't have the business to send to me? And am I more likely to get more at one of the bigger groups (CitySprit for example).

    Like I said, I know I'm the new guy, and I actually appreciate the opportunity to work anywhere really. But I still have to eat sometimes.
  • Nobody?
  • Hello mashed_potato. A vegetable close to my heart! The answer to both the questions you posed in paragraph two is "Yes".
    However it's not that cut and dried if you get my, I like standing by. Not ALL the time, but I likes me breaks, yeah? Perhaps you would like to be constantly moving all the live long day? Maybe you are a young person. If that is the case then I would urge you to seek (un)gainful (un)employment at soCiety Spritzer or more likely excel, or XL, you know - the yellow one.
    But mebbe you work for a while at ADL and you like it, hmmm? They like you, you like them - is easy, yes? Have a sandwich or a coffee. Maybe a crispy beer. Sounds ok...if you make enough money to do this "eat" thing you mentioned.
    It is more likely than not that you will make more money at the bigger firms.
    But what price happiness? £50 a week less, perhaps, at a smaller, more personable firm?
    It all comes down to how much money you make, and where that figure sits in relation to your maximum (!) and minimum requirements and expectations.
    It's always tough at first.
    I hope that helps a bit?
  • That said, ADL may not be a small personable firm as I seem to have implied there...for all I know they could be a group of slave driving nazi cnuts. It's like scaffolding or construction firms - if their name is something like CYC Builders or GHL Scaffold, then best not to trust them, I think. If you can't be bothered to come up with even a NAME for your business then how much are you gonna care about my new roof?
  • Cheers, I think I'm gonna look for somewhere else. It's not that I don't like the standing around, but I was only bringing in about four or five jobs a day, and like I said, a girl's gotta eat. Seems like Courier Systems are hiring, you heard much about them?
  • if you want to know what cs are like... Go find someone to rape you with a rusty chainsaw.
  • Well shit.

    Looks like they might have a somewhat tarnished rep. Either way, may be worth a look, I'm pretty new to this so I've got no problem working anywhere as long as I get experience and enough to just about live on.

    Seems like GLH and Excel have pretty open doors too. Sorry to bother again, but any thoughts (horror stories) there? Quick search through the forum brings home a pretty mixed bag.
  • I've suffered the misfortune of overhearing GLH controllers on the job and would never in a million years consider working for them.
  • Excel have a fair few decent riders so they must be doing something right.
  • I went to an agency. They offer you 1.80£ / pack and you need to pay taxes on it. Basically you must delivery 30 packs every day to earn a "normal" salary, just crazy. I really love to cycle and I think I'm not bad. I never had a problem but London is truly dangerous, for not to speak about the wind. Well for 1.80£ (less) /pack : no comment. P.s you need also to invest money on bag, bike etc..and if you don't know how to fix a bike by yourself you are simply fucked up . 3£/run its much acceptable but if for half day you are empty ,well, it is the same thing to earn 1.80£/pack : a scam.
  • £1.80 a drop, full stop? Fuck that. Unless they're giving you 30-40 out of a depot to run around town with that just isn't worth getting up for. But there are people out there desperate enough to suck up working for ~200 quid a week - in the beginning, I was. Many of us were, it's a reality getting started. And there are firms out there who will take advantage of that. It's shit.

    Rargh. Laid up at home in a sea of lemsip foils and snotrags thinking about the money I'm not earning. Scuse the downbeat tone.
  • Holy shitstones!
    I will give you £1.90 a job to pretend you are me.You will be an impostor.You will be approachable,a quick learner,good with people.You will be competitive and will endeavour to strive for excellence.You will provide exceptional personal service.You will end up getting pissed every night then procuring affordable low grade street drugs.

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