Unpaid jobs - Ecourier.
  • OK so basically Esystems.. I mean Ecourier has not paid a load of couriers for extra jobs that they did on top of work done on single-company contracts. So, for example, a courier would be paid for a one day-long "as directed" docket (which is for a day's work for one company) while the pay for other standard jobs done on the sly during that time (sometimes outside of the paid hours but just on the same day) is missing. There is no reason why the money for work done shouldn't be paid.

    I've only been shafted for around 40 quid and there are quite a few people who have lost around the same amount. There's someone (I don't know who) who hasn't been paid for more than 50 jobs.

    This is going back to the Olympics now so quite a while ago and I don't have records of specific jobs that I did. But the company would (should) have the records as job dockets were sent through the XDA as normal

    Any possibility that this could be legally taken up at all? Who would I contact? I have no money
  • Surprise surprise. Over to you Greg.

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