Getting in as a Courier
  • I've been calling and contacting companies for a few weeks now trying to get a job as a Courier, but getting a response is proving to be very hard, let alone actually a job.

    Does anyone know of any tips to help get started? I've been ready to start work for weeks, and just really want to get out on the bike and see if I can do this job. I'm young, enthuisic and can easily put miles into my legs, but I haven't yet even had a sniff of an oppurtunity despite trying to contact every company in London I can find. If anyone has any links to jobs or knows of any jobs, that would be very helpful indeed. Thank you.
  • You need to show up in person. Letters/phonecalls/emails won't get you anywhere.
  • What he ^ said. Also - don't bother. Your enthusiasm is misplaced, or at best, anachronistic.
  • If you can find Zs misplace enthusiasm someone will give you a job, you will find your own cynicism on receiving your first wage.
  • Getting a job as a courier is easier than emptying ones bowels. But messier. And I've never once regretted emptying my bowels. Except for that one time.
  • One time I had to jump off the bike and into Holland Park,and I mean in the park behind a shed,for an emergency dump.The world fell out of my bowels that day.Not my finest hour...
  • Cool, I've pissed in there. I once had explosive diarrhoea in a blind peoples park in Ealing. Not my finest hour, either...
  • where is the blind peoples park in ealing? how does that even work?
  • Is that you Adam?
  • Get off this forum Adam. Your intelligent well thought-out remarks have no place here.
  • Dave,is that you Dave?
  • Adam, it's in Hanwell and is full of lushly scented plants for the sightless to enjoy. Although I should add that your intelligent well thought-out remarks have no place here.
  • Bum,I'm intrigued,can you post a link that proves this blind park exists?Google throws up nothing and now I'm thinking it's all a wind up.
  • I was buying a guitar from Peter Cooks. It's one of the parks just around the corner, I've checked on streetview and it rings a few bells. Google doesn't mention it. Maybe they dug it up after I destroyed it.
  • Cool.It was a bad idea anyway.
  • sorry everyone, lesson learned

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