Other courier forums
  • Right, most of you should already know about my photography exhibition and print sale 'Step Into My Office'

    If you don't then check it out here


    Im trying to spread the word out a bit so and want to track down some other courier based forums around the world. I presume there are others and we're not the only bunch of weirdoes ranting into cyberspace?

    Any clues?
  • There's a courier forum that Cassandra helped start the name of which escapes me.It was based in the U.S,I'll try and dig it out....
  • Yeah, that one's dead now. Shame.
  • Think is was cyclecourier.org, or something like that. I also think it disappeared into the interwebz tho someone'll prove me wrong.

    Faceless, out of towner still lurking hard
  • Yeh,I messaged her,it's dead.

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