BBC - London Calling Alleycat footage
  • The BBC want to incorporate footage from the above event into one of their documentaries. They have called me a few times to give my insight on organising the race. I told 'em to watch the footage and make up their own mind on what motivated the race.
    Apparently the BBC will be tracking down some of you who raced in order to do an interview. BE CAREFUL. There is no way this footage can benefit the London messenger community through the eyes of the BBC. There is no way you'll be seen as a hero by going on TV and telling the world how many road laws you make have broken. Save it for the pub.
    I consider alleycat races to be underground. I admit that youtube is hardly underground, but at least there's no BBC finger-pointing going on.
  • I blame the race organisers.What kind of muppet would send riders through the heart of London's famous West End at three in the afternoon on a Saturday?
    This country is f*cked.
  • From: Lucas Brunelle []
    Sent: 24 August 2012 17:56
    Subject: RE: London Calling (sent by contact form at Lucas Brunelle Productions)

    They were harassing me for months as well. Then I uploaded footage with the written condition that I can proof the final edit and I was trying to get them to donate $300.00 to the BMEF. They wanted me to sign a release which I have not done yet, the footage I gave them was for review only and not for a final cut.

    Months have gone by since I gave them the footage and I haven’t heard from them.

    I absolutely understand your stance and definitely won’t sign anything. That spin would be a huge liability.


    From: []
    Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 07:55
    To: Lucas Brunelle
    Subject: London Calling (sent by contact form at Lucas Brunelle Productions)

    Name: Ian Walsh
    Subject: London Calling

    Message: Hi Lucas,

    My name is Walshy. I\'m one of the guys who you visited at Scream Couriers and organised the London Calling Alleycat. I\'ve had the BBC harrassing me about the footage from your film. I believe they\'ve also contacted yourself in order to ask for permission to use the footage.

    Based on public opinion, the London Calling Alleycat was extremely dangerous and we, as racers/organisers, were seen as a menace to society. Just read the comments! I\'ve told the BBC that these races are \'underground\' and that the messenger community will gain nothing other than public condemnation. We know why we race. We know the risks. I don\'t see how a BBC documentary can, in any way, put an unbiased angle on it.

    I\'ve told the BBC that, as an organiser of the race, I don\'t think that it\'s a good idea to be potentially damning a good, honest underground community by flaunting our race on international television.
    I ask you to please consider this when you choose to cooperate with the BBC.

    Kind Regards,


  • Bills gonna kick your head in if you grass us up to the bbc.
  • Bill can't kick anything at the mo.
  • Well, perhaps the bucket but let's hope not.
  • Winter 2012 will keep you on the edge of your seat!
    BBC present in association with a bunch of fast talking media types:
    'The War On Britain’s Roads'
    Described by Bike Radar as a 'shocking' state of affairs.
    Staring London Couriers.

    See below,

    "Just let me spread my legs a little wider Mr BBC so you can kick me square in the nuts."
  • I was very close to taking part in this,they offered cash to speak on camera about the London Calling alleycat that we raced.I told them the programme reeked of bullshit and not to contact me anymore.They still contacted me...
  • We know where they live (work) and we have all inherited the knowledge of how to make fire. Problem solved
  • I think they will be too busy burning all the paedophile eveidence left over from Jimmy now then now then jingle jangle, jooolery, jooolery Saville to be worried about making a shit docko about some unwashed couriers doing alley cat race.
  • The War on Britain's Roads to be aired on 5th of December -

    I'm also happy to report that I still remember my password to MTZ's forum so good to see you all again. I was without the job for the last 7 months, but I'm back to a desk job of doing very little so am looking forward to reading all the bs being posted here!
  • Actually, we do own the roads.
  • HI people,
    I thought the BBC prog was pretty pedestrian, not in the least bit surprising and with no answers. A bit of thrill-seeking. A bit of Lucas's stuff was on there, but unlike what was hyped on blogs afterwards was clearly stated as being what it was; Lairy couriers expressin'. It was OK, but will just be used as more ammo aimed at the likes of us.
  • I watched the BBC prog on the strength of the trailer which concentrated on the "race" footage. Thought the programme might offer some footage of skilled riding in traffic and an insight to the attitudes of road users...WRONG!
    It was unfortunately a mish mash of anecdote style segments which purported to explore the interaction of cyclists with other road users. None of the segments was very enlightening nor really explored the real issues of cycling in heavy traffic.

    I have a few observations, I'm sure some of you will disagree(Bill)

    The self righteous "Road Warrior" type with the head cam, IMHO, is a total cock for trying to prove that hes the most vulnerable road user by deliberately placing himself in harms way. I survived 9yrs on the circuit by deliberately placing myself wherever it was safest to be in any particular situation, if possible, and being acutely aware of the body language of vehicles and their drivers. To survive you have to think 10x more than the guy in the tin box and make sure you are safe yourself, assume the driver to be an idiot. Its not an argument worth having, just keep yourself safe.
    No1 rule is you need to be alive to collect your wages.

    I recognised the old guy in the cab, remember him well as being difficult, always willing to close a gap, always using his mirrors; on the plus side he was at least aware of my presence. Its a real pity that his attitude was only tempered by a personal loss, all sympathy in that respect.

    Sympathy with the driver of the HGV. I have driven light trucks/lutons. Its not easy being the slowest least manouverable thing on the road, some cyclists really do take the piss, (when these individuals are driving a car you need to be worried) blind spots are inevitable on a large vehicle, make sure YOU can see the driver in HIS mirrors.
    Does anyone else remember the Kiwi girl at OYB who nearly lost a leg on Holborn Circus to a cement truck doing a left? Interesting scar.

    Pedestrians: No one took time out to criticise the totally irresponsible way people use the streets on foot. We have all struck pedestrians while working, usually from behind or to one side as they step out into the road looking somewhere else. No one asked if pedestrians should have insurance and need to take responsibilty for themselves. I had a bike wrecked and lost two days work after hitting a pedestrian who just stepped into the road looking the wrong way, one way street dipshit, dipshit just got up and walked off, didnt even apologise. I lost a friend working on a motorbike due to a pedestrian. Lost control avoiding a collision, despite being clearly not at fault the police wanted to prosecute: bike =guilty...can they even do that posthumously???

    The "race"
    I have read most of Bills blog and the comments, until they became tediously similar.
    Ok so its heavily edited and i cant be bothered looking at the you tube footage...but...
    I agree with Bills comments regards the law/safety/respect for other road users.
    Having done so this was the sort of thing we used to do back in the day just for fun on the way to/from the pub, or out on the road while working, usually one on one. While working it was a distraction and slowed riders up. If the circuit was busy I wouldnt have been would be unprofessional and if the other guy got ahead he was invariably slower. Slower is poorer.
    So far as the footage is concerned:
    You guys didnt do yourselves or the job any favours. Your skills need work. You are slow: did you need to let the camera guy keep up? If you are riding faster than your skills allow you are a menace to yourselves and everyone else.
    I'm disappointed, you'd all have been eating dust, even Bill could go faster with his panniers.
    L&K Karrimor :*
  • I forgot to add one about biking in Glasgow:
    Not surprised the guy nearly got squished by the tanker, Glaswegians have a really shitty attitude to bikes, watch the car following the tanker try to finish him off instead of stopping and offering to be a witness.
    And this guy placed himself on the road perfectly, gave the tanker driver plenty of opportunity to see him, text book riding.
    What disturbs is that: tanker drivers are supposed to be the best of the best. Its a privileged job, higher pay for a better driver. I would have expected the police to at least give him a warning and his employers to do the same, if not worse. Theres sufficient evidence, probably should have checked mobile phone records to see if he was infringing there too...
    Particularly worrying as i gave a friend a bike to commute to uni who lives near that roundabout and she ain't road wise :0!
  • Who do I speak to about getting the minute back I wasted reading that tedious, self indulgent drivel?

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