This is better.
  • Seems the new layout has frightened off the muppets.It's better on here now,the only ones posting are my friends and Buffalo Bill.
    By the way,what's happened to Pikey??

  • He got married.
  • To a MAN!
  • Damn sticky keyboard. To a WOMAN!
  • I hope this is a funny.
  • Did he grab her first?
  • Seriously, he is married now. Ask him if you manage to catch him while chasing up one of those fivers that he owes everybody.
  • nah its still shit.
  • Some kind of hare krishna marriage in Poland I heard. Why do something right if you can fuck it up, eh?
  • She must be after his cash.
  • Found this trawling through the dark corners of my harddrives.
    Overdrive, you are a genius.
    "It's a City Sprint Ting
    Ooh,d'wanna be a high roller?
    Ooh,cuz I'm the controller
    ooh,ooh ba-by
    Ooh,I'll send you down to Bermuda
    I'll be your batty intruder
    ooh,ahh ba-by
    It's a City,it's a city,
    it's a city Sprint ting
    Move your body
    In your blue and white bling
    It's a City,it's a city,
    It's a City Sprint ting
    You make the most
    You are the courier King.

    I'm gonna wear down
    your sprocket
    Put lot's of cash in
    your pocket
    Ooh,yeah baby
    I'll make sure you
    wont get shat on
    By this geezer
    called Pat-ton
    Ooh, now ba-by
  • now thats a frickin good song. Press up a dub plate man
  • It's from the legendary CS thread.I remember Patton wasn't particularly enamoured with my effort.I think it has stood the test of time though so fuck that guy....

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