I thought I had reired?
  • And this shows up in my in box for flick.

    You are now an administrator of Messenger Town

    The last administrator of Messenger Town has left the group and you have been made into an administrator. This is because you are the longest serving member of the group. Well done :)

    Can't imbed this but that's what I was playing when the message came in.http://youtu.be/xSHYlSxQyJM
  • Kirk - now you resign and the next in line (no idea who that would be) gets it! It's a new game innit...

    It's just cos I couldn't find anyway to actually close the group (it's not had much life recently) - maybe someone'll take over....
  • Okay, you young folks step up, you little shits wouldn't pull this crap if Ronald Reagan were still in the White House and his best girl Maggy were still at 10 Downing by God. Yeah I'm drunk know get off of my lawn. 2:49 AST.
  • "Laugh out loud"
  • Glad you got a laugh. If we had avatars for this site I would have used a scene from "Gran Torrino" with Clint holding the M-1. You know that rifle our guys used when we got together with you guys and your Lee-Enfield and whipped them dam Nazi/Yankees under the leadership of Winston Churchhill and the great George Patton.
  • Kirk get back on that bike you know it make sense maybe with a small baby bear as a sadle
  • But Curly, I'm just getting the hang of the crazy old man jiberish(sp)?
  • I'm only scared of two things in this here crazy world: guns, and people with guns. And giant spiders obviously. And timber wolves with lasers for eyes and in-built wi-fi. And freak-faced George (real name Gideon) Osborne. Anyway all I'm trying to communicate here is that Kirk and curly are the best x
  • I'm afraid of bears and as you know it's in my country's bill of rights to keep and arm bears so some of the bears might have guns, bears with guns man, that's scarey.
  • You get to keep bears?
  • Unless they're packin', makes it a little tough to keep 'em one time I got in a fire fight with this one bear, sheeeit!
  • Happy 4th of July you Brit bastards, If I weren't so lazy I'd scramble the wars we fought against each other with the wars we fought together in a great big old crazy old man rant. Wait I've got it. I'm glad for everyone of my ancestors who shot one of your ancestors and I'm glad we have been fighting together for the last hundred years, yeah that's a good crazy old man rant for the 4th. Happy independence day.
  • Happy 4th of July Kirk. Please advise us how to throw off the yoke of Anglo-Saxon imperialism like you guys did some 248 years ago. My knowledge of history is pretty crap but Wikipedia tells me that the hated British burnt down the White House in 1812 or sometime. I suggest you come over here and burn down the Houses of Parliament, preferably with the fuckers inside.
  • hey K i did laugh out loud when i read your commet .im back in Oct. fancy a black one?
  • Hey D! Yeah let's have several black ones. October! Sweet
  • Well ya' know I leave this space for rants based on the drunkin rants I heard from the old men who served my country during the Korean conflict. Right now I'm F.U.BA.R (fucked up beyond all recogonizision(Sp) in Maui again with my lovely wife and I would cut off my right nut if you could be with me with you're lovely wives or equalivalnts. @ Overdrive Arika says "Hi". Yeah the fuckin' army (U.S.) has a camp here for the combat veterans to chill, why the fuck don't we get that, we deserve it.....................god fuckin' dam it...................... I was gonna post some pics of the view from the cheap condo we're sharing in that perfect universe but I FORGOT THE DAM CORD...................
  • Kirk,bring the cord next time and post a pic of Arika and tell her I said hello!
  • Kirk, hope you,ve got a cord 4 your parker!I Remember being in Porto Escondedo and seeing guys(heroes) with limbs missing from The Vet war and a few of them surfed we use to have 2 push them out past white water.Those guys could drink and great yarns.Its cold in Melburn thank god 4 duvet,soup,girlfriends,hot water bottles inch thick wet suits and viva Alaska
  • I used to drink with veterans of Viet Nam and one guy who served in Korea. The Viet Nam guys had better stories. The guy who served in Korea only brought it up when he was berating some youngster about how worthless and weak he thought they're generation is, it was actually kind of funny like watching some else get kicked in the nuts.
    @Overdrive, Bad news, she still has that boyfriend on the mainland.
  • We lost a good one, Bill Lawrence has gone and there is no one left who can corner someone at Darwin's and lecture them about how worthless and weak their generation is, he wasn't a bike messenger but he was the kind of man we should inspire to be if that makes any sense, I miss you like all the others but this song is for you my brother.

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