couriers compared to ex spice girl shocker!
  • This just in from The Evening Standard.

    Like milkmen, bathroom attendants, cockle barrows and Geri Halliwell, cycle couriers continue to exist in spite of increasing irrelevance and rapidly declining demand for their services. Even though paper communication is on the way out and couriers have less to deliver than ever before, there’s no cyclist on the road so heavily romanticised. Others look on in awe as they glide through the city like Atlantic mackerel in the Gulf Stream. The courier is silent. He’s mystical. He’s a scrawny, greasy-legged beacon of fitness (he can cycle upwards of 70 miles a day) with street knowledge to rival any cabbie. Identifiable by the sticker-plastered walkie-talkie clipped to his backpack, but also by an inexplicable penchant for leggings worn under swamp-coloured combat shorts and matching fingerless gloves, it’s safe to say that the courier is no sartorial trailblazer, but who cares when you have near-Olympian fitness? In terms of road-sharing, the rivalry between couriers and taxi drivers is a wild, ugly battle that brings out the worst in both. To illustrate, there’s one, often spotted around the City, who boasts tattooed calves: one says ‘F**K’, the other ‘TAXIS’. It’s like the interminable battle of an urban Wile E Coyote and Road Runner. On wheels.
  • hehe john is my favorite superhero - - - hope ï get compared to sporty spice coz ï got a hairy arse too
  • There is one more tribe out there. Not much of a tribe as it is the one man show called..

    Huggy Bear

    Easily identifiable by the enormous shit stain on his nose as he toils in a ridiculous gear ignoring the other 17 he has at his fingertips. Another thing to look out for is the impossible height at witch his bag is positioned. This is only made possible by a arse-to-lung breathing by-pass since the strap makes normal air intake impossible. Due to a surgical misunderstanding his vocal cords ended up in his rectum so he now talks trough his arse. Should you be unfortunate enough to engage in conversation whit this arsehole you will notice the tone of disdain for other couriers and the many hints at how much he is earning. When he is satisfied that you know how well he is doing he rides off, chin resting on stem, cuddling the top tube as riding a bike doesn't come natural to him. A few years ago he got married to marc patton, equally disdainful of the courier community. Previous partners are nodger at London Link and miserable dave the cunt at Reuter brooks.
  • shameless ,john will ride with a cape of many coulours
  • I do my sex like a dormouse on a gram of whizz making horny time with a bagful of Mexican jumping beans on a rollercoaster in a bouncy castle in the best disco you ever did been to, oh yeah, mmmmmmm bebe
  • fuckin hell kieran no wonder you looked a bit windswept when ï saw you earlier hehe
  • nahh shea.... he was just windswept...

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