Anyone got B.A. miles?
  • According to this guy you can get a way better deal on business class on Aer Lingus, he also had a sceme involving BMI's sign up bonus and your useless flat mates to hustle a free-almost plane ticket, you'll have to find it yourself as I'm too lazy to hunt for it.
  • BA's the singer in Sloppy Seconds he's cool as fuck
  • BA Baracus says 'I aint getting on no plane, fool!'
  • Just trying to help some people get to CMWC in style. Coming back from of those things in the nicer part of the plane is a good thing. Your broke, your hungover, your tired, having your ass kissed a little plus a comfy seat plus free booze plus food on the plane you might enjoy eating plus a lounge to chill in while waiting to board plus short lines equals a much happier courier, trust me . I figured a few folks around my age might have the miles but not the cash for British Airways fees. If you read the link it's a butt-load of mile and $150 versus the same butt-load and fuck it I might as well buy a freakin' coach ticket and save those miles for something else money. The BMI scam is a little more practical worst case they get flipped into a British Airways account best case scenario someone turns a bunch of flat mates into a free plane ticket.
  • Oh yeah I was in a hurry and should have spelled out British Airways in the post title, sorry.
  • no worrys its allways good to hear of Kirk
  • Well if I've got anything useful to say I'll pop up from time to time and let's face it I can never resist a cheap joke or a good travel scam. Hopefully someone can get a nice seat out of this. Kids if you have to get on an airplane get the dam miles or points for it, shit adds up, takes forever and they don't make it easy to cash them in. It's not quite the gravy train it once was but what is?

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