Excel "circuit charge fee"
  • Anyone heard of this fee charged by Excel for "circuit charge" if you take a day off? £25 a day apparantly. Is this not illegal? I do believe there is a law prohibiting "fines" against (so called) self employed sub contractors.
    (this would imply a level of permament contract, how else could a fine be justified?)
  • Forgot to mention, this is an unwritten addition to the Excel contract. Its not in writing, its an unwritten rule.
    Starting to sound like CourierSys might be not so bad in comparison.
  • It just gets worse, Jesus Christ how can one put up with that shit. Didn't some wanker offer up 5 bills to start a co-op?
  • Check your contract. Circuit fees are common at cash based cab companies, but not at all the norm (in my experience) at London courier companies. Some companies have bonus schemes to reward attendance etc, but this sounds like a negative bonus, IYSWIM.
  • The idea was that everyone got charged a "circuit fee" but this was waived for good attendance. It was used by Excel certainly in the late 90s/early norties but very rarely applied as it was generally counter-productive as couriers tend to leave (esp cyclists) if being charged £25 a day out of the rest of their meager wages.
    Problem is that even though its "unwritten" its going to cost someone more in legal fees/time/aggravation to get it back :(
    Argue it with Danny IMHO
  • @ Kirk
    Do you mean this Wanker?

    Marc Patton: “I'll even contribute £500 towards the startup costs which i'm sure you will spend wisely in your management meetings down the duke (if thats still the place to go). You can even donate all your profits (if by some miracle you make any) to the LCEF fund, increasing your legendary status even further amongst yourselves.”
  • Yeah, that's the wanker. It would be funny to see someone take his money and start a kick-ass courier owned company.

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