shit week!
  • aint it funny how things can go from being really good the the total opposite in less than a week!???
    ansas on a postcard please.:sad:
  • At first I read that as 'anus on a postcard'!!!:shocked:
  • So is that the chitty skint romance over then. Or are you not at liberty to say?
  • Staples Inn for W8 Wayne, call me POB... Lol
  • @jp... i got a nice run from that! may have got a better one if the radio worked better...
  • Quiet everywhere at the moment but should get better towards the end of the month.
  • Best week of the year so far...
  • Now that I'm retired not working "Fur Rondy", fucking sweet.
  • We've been having trouble with the radios too. The two things that stress me out the most about this job - roadworks (which seem to be spreading like fungus at the moment) and not being able to get through on the radio. I start to feel my pulse in me temples.. grrr.. bike rage!
  • "Quiet everywhere at the moment but should get better towards the end of the month. " And you assume so on what basis?
  • Kirk please dont go
  • I presume it will after the Budget so the beginning of next month actually.
  • @drrtyolpunk

    One possible reason for the onslaught of London-wide roadworks is that its the end of the financial year. With that comes councils frantically overspending their road budgets in the hope that they get more money than last year's budget for road repairs. If they dont spend the same or more then they get awarded less.

    Urban myth? You decide MT crew!

    Anyway, why are the council (Westminster??) not doing Millbank between Lambeth Bridge and Parliament as part of their last-minute roadworks frenzy?
    That roads shite - full of holes and dodgy drains that can fuck you up if your not on point in the wet.
  • Just an old infastructure, over here in Melbourne there doesnt seem 2 be any road works.Have you noticed where council people work seems to be the most dule places -Victoria St Hi Ho.Merv24 is that you from Reuteurs if so high five bud
  • And dont forget the all important olympics. Got to get as much of it as poss out of the way before all the dickheads arrive.
  • High five to you too Curly with the Show Pony looking over my shoulder.
  • Porno and roadkill: it's all about the goddamn slo limp dicks. Tourist numbers down by about 80%, theatres and hotels shutting up shop for the summer, endless backed up queues of taxis impotently blasting their horns behind me 'cos they can't get out of soho once they get in, every other street you turn down being dug up and closed for weeks...and all so a buNch of cocking cola execs and other corporate sponsor types can be whisked speedily from swanky Mayfair motels to watch a bunch of poor athletes chuck hammers around St. James' park, which will be shut to everyone else...
    I've had it up to here with this city and this country. Full of deluded self righteous hypocrites. And when is it going to stop raining? SHIT FUCK PISS BOLLOCKS ARSEMONGERING FART FACES TO A MAN
  • its stopped now
  • It has stopped raining AND Arundel Street is getting resurfaced. On a winning streak? I think so..
  • bishopsgate is open, roads are getting done, deadlines are getting closer.....we'll get there:)
  • Yes (yawns). There is is always a reason for the eternal quietness. It is the budget, halfterm, recession (that most have been going some 10 years now), david cameron and wee cleggie had gay relations whilst at university, oh no! it must be easter in a deeply religious country!, there is a cat with a throat infection.. I could go on. Or is it all just bullshit?
  • "The Silence Of The Radio"
    Starring marc patton
  • "The Night The XDA Died"
    Performed by marc patton
  • "The (last) Night Of The Living Wage"
    Starring marc patton
  • Lovely day today
  • Last night I briefly owed Pikey Wayne a tenner
  • So he stole something off you and you don't anymore. Cider Time.
  • its bullshit!
    when companies keep on dropping their rates like they been doing,
    "things picking up" sounds very impossible when they pay like 2quid for a drop.
    the same 25jobs i did today a few years ago wouldve made me 100quid, unfortunately
    i made 65.
    get used to it, itll only get worse
  • bum i think the pike owes me a tenner and a can of stella but i could be wrong just get him 2 buy you a pint anyway
  • Hey josh hope your well fella just seen jeds photos a hole heard of snakes!!!! is he turning into a red neck?guns next and maybe a beard

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