• Is out for quite some time. Really sorry to hear this mate. Call me.
  • what!!????
  • He broke his leg. 12 weeks in a cast.
  • unknown drunken i spose!??:cry:
  • OW!! sorry to hear this.
  • Broken tibia,can't go into it on here.Out for 12 weeks,I'll try to get out and about at some point soon.
    Thanks all!
  • Since this wisper thing DOESN'T EVER WORK , I'll give you a ring tomorrow. Chin up mate.
  • Lane, get in touch. I've got an idea. Get my nr off Kieran or somebody. Even cyclones control room.
  • shit feller, that pretty much sucks :sad:

    all the best, make sure you bring a marker pen if you're coming down the pub :wink:
  • get well soon brother
  • Heal up soonish, John x
  • o we gonna do a race /raffle next friday for john! more info to come! watch out........:cry:
    cos thats just what he would do xxx
  • Does he really deserve a benefit given the surcumstances he acquired this incapacity?
  • I don't really care why my friend got injured, I just care that my friend has been injured.
  • I cant think of a man more deserving than John.
  • @ silverfox
    yes he does!!!
  • Heal up fast boss...Take it easy!
  • "Does he really deserve a benefit given the surcumstances he acquired this incapacity?"

    eh? i know nothing of the circumstances but i know john is one of the good guys and there is a world of difference between a claim put to the LCEF and a benefit alleycat/raffle put on to help a friend in need.

    wayne, i'll see if i can get some prizes if you're doing a race/raffle.
  • nic one sleepy!:bigsmile:
  • Get well soon Overdrive
  • road kill you are a hero 2 most have got enough to get buy ?If not on st paddys day overbubble will sit in the bike shop near hatton gardens.one pound one way one limrick 4 the other
  • Get well soon OD hope you make a quick recovery.

    Ride safe the rest of yas
  • Get well soon bro maybe a ruler for those itchy moments
  • bad news mate get well soon
  • Reading through some old threads such as this one: "BECOMMING A COURIER - HOW MUCH? WHO? WHERE..?" ...Overdrive's comment, made me giggle.... get well soon Granny, we love ya! :bigsmile:
  • Yeah, heal up soon Arika send her love. I haven't actually told her about the broken leg but she's the sort of person who would be upset about it.

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