Churchill Express £2.95.
  • A couple of weeks ago the firm I work for was cold called by a Churchill Express salesman.
    Churchill were offering minimums at £2.95. No catch. Not a first 4 weeks intro. Not w1-w1 or ec-ec. Usual minimum pushie area at £2.95.
    I escaped the road a few years back. But the postroom team knows I was a biker for yonks.
    What did I know about Churchill?
    Not a lot but I was sure nobody charged less than £3.95 minimum when I was on the road. Apart from deals with Goldmans and Coopers & Lybrand. I didn't know anyone experienced who'd worked for them on a bike. Not a good sign.
    Looking thru threads on here they have a bad rep.
    That famous blog post where the fat preppy girl decides to be a pushie and gets ripped off was Churchill.
    £2.95 has to be too good to be true.
    Order just about anything from Amazon and you'll get charged that for postage.
    What are they paying their riders?
    I asked a biker I know to poke his nose in. The usual greasy bikers in Smithfield reckon Churchill pay a £4.50 minimum for bikes and a fair pushie rate. Maybe £2.75.
    So how can they do £2.95 minimums?
    More to the point how can they be thick enough to think they can make money at that price?
    The lot we use charge a fiver or so +VAT. The postroom likes them. They're quite professional.
    We haven't switched. Yet. But a lot of firms will.
    £2.95. That's not even a Pret sandwich.
    Anyone know if any firm is trying to match that?
  • as far as i know they pay £200/£250 guarantees.
    for 50h a week, lame as fuck
  • No doubt they will make their money up on parcel cars vans etc, there is probably a fuel surcharge an admin fee for opening an account, the invoice fee, congestion charge fee, crossing the river fee you name it they will get their money some how. also thats is probably a same day service picked up any time during the day and delivered any time
  • The £2.95 was for a standard service. Almost certainly not a very good one but it wasn't an any time today job. A firm would need more bikes than Churchill used to have to offer an any time today option. Maybe they've got more bikes than they used to have. We haven't switched.
  • When I was there the standard rate was £2.75. I was on a g of £275 along with the other more experienced riders, the rest were on 200-250. When I joined new riders were being started on 225 then moved up, but the last few new riders I spoke to before I high-tailed were being started on 200.

    They had a £2.25 rate with one particular firm, the job that paid was generally between a very tall knobbly building in W1T & said company's HQ in EC1...

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