Any Manchester couriers on this forum?
  • Anyone who's riding in Manchester? mentioned in another thread, the ride from the London Pre-event to ECMC Edinburgh will most probably starts/go through Manchester so wondering if anyone out there would be up for meeting up/joining the ride/helping out with accomodation for the night..give us a shout here or there:

  • What you need to know about us MCR couriers is that we're a miserable anti-social bunch. Also too old and tired and grouchy to enjoy the company of other couriers. Specially young ones with bags of enthusiasm who like to race and stuff.
    You're probably better off trying the MCR fakengers - they're younger, richer, more enthusiastic about bikes and they outnumber us by about a hundred to one. There's a Manchester section on the LFGSS site. Tell 'em I sent you.
  • ha ha you old grouch isnt Craig from Manchester ?if so theres a link from Skin grows back web thing Campsomethingorother.Old Metro rider
  • Craig? Famous ex-enger? My point, I think.
  • hello z how is one? comin into pale shade of winter here mud guard or not?
  • Don't even talk to me about a pale shade of winter. fuck if I weren't retired ....................................mud gaurd always ride it, clean it, repeat, oh nevermind we we're talking about Manchester........................
  • Curly: do I know you under another name?

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