Box to fit Bullitt cargo bike, lockable, waterproof for sale
  • (Picture from when box was new!)
  • Did we say it was water-proof? Not totally - water comes in through the hinge.
  • Why you selling?

    Ive developed a large waterproof bag made by a firm in Scotland for my Bullitt- Start testing next week.
    Lighter (3-5kg) and collapsable for no wind resistance.
  • We replaced the box with a smaller, lighter one.
  • Noooooo!That box was our beer table!
    So long,my friend.
  • I'll take it off your hands if you've still got it
  • This item is now disposed of. £40 donation to LCEF should be arriving shortly.
  • Have a look here at our new bag for our Bullitt.

    Just a prototype at the moment but seems to work well. Massive capacity when you need it and weighs about 3.5kg.
    Not encountered any rain yet but is made from tarp with a liner inside so should be ok.

  • How's the new bag working out Ben?

    We're looking into developing a new storage system for the Bullitt. For a start it will be a lot more aerodynamic than the Alu boxes, weight is another issue we hope to tackle.

    It would be nice to know what features you or anyone else using a Bullitt would you like to see.

    And cheers for the box Bill, donation sent to the lovely people at LCEF and the box is proving itself useful already
  • @ Convoy - Yes bag is working out well. Weighs about 3.5 kg, is collapsable and holds more than a box (I found a lot of things didn't actually fit through the box opening so couldn't carry them!)
    Loading the bag is slower than loading the box but I guess its all about what you are delivering and the type of work you are doing. For me, I found myself with a large, heavy but 1/4 full box 90% of the time. My body and bike were being hammered by the drag & weight and the bike handled like a pig. Now, I am ripping around on the bullitt and getting my jobs done so much quicker. No comments of 'How much for a 99' too :)

    Will be posting on our blog about the bag soon, so will keep you informed.

    @convoy where are you based?

  • @bigbluebike We're in W1, London.

    The large, heavy but 1/4 full box 90% of the time is the problem we want to address. Time is money and there's no point pushing a huge empty brick. How about security, can you lock your bag? I know you can't keep someone determined out but its to stop the opportunist thief when the bike is unattended.
    ou can always drop me an email here Ben
    hello 'at' convoybikes 'dot' com

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