• Is anyone able to confirm whether the cyclist killed at the junction of Bishopsgate/Wormwood yesterday was a working courier? Our controller says he was told by other riders that this was the case, although unable to corroborate. News reports say he was 60 (or in his 60s), with forum posts here suggesting bike was a fixed lo-pro with time trial bars and wishbone seat stays... that combination does sound familiar to me :-(
  • When I was there a nasty, ignorant cop told me that it was a cycle courier. However I spent the rest of the day asking riders from every firm I saw and nobody knew of one of their riders being involved. I suspect the cunt I spoke to was just trying to use the horrible incident as a means of deterring me from running lights, which she had just seen me do. Other couriers were apparently told the same thing. I thought I recognised the bike, but it was horrifically mangled. If it was a courier I think we'd know by now.
    Courier or not, it's a tragedy.
  • anyone knows henry from rico logistics? is he ok?
  • I couldn't remember the company name. Just spoke to someone at the Rico office - I'm afraid it was him. Don't know what else to say.
  • Likewise. Recognise the frame. Spoke to rico. Confirmed over the phone. Very sad. Left my number. Can we maybe put a bike on bishopsgate. Meet at foundry friday? I know im not the only one affected. Sure others feel the need to talk about it
  • I knew who this guy was but never really spoke to him.My sympathies to Henry's friends and family.

    RIP mate.

  • Deepest sympathies to his family and friends..this is a tragedy, so many couriers hurt in the last few weeks and now Henry.
    If anyone got any info on a service for him, please, let us know.
    I never spoke to him but have seen him around for as long as i can remember so an homage from the courier community seems appropriate.
    I'm up for riding from the Foundry to Bishopsgate, see you all there.

    R.I.P Henry
  • I remember seeing Henry out there since forever but I never really had a conversation with him. He was however a comrade and this is such a sad moment. My deepest sympathies to his loved ones. Rest in Peace Fellow.
  • Horrible news, too many big veichles in london at the moment and not enough space. Always saw Henry riding around Never taking any risks.

    R I P Henry
  • RIP Henry - an awful tragedy, puts things into perspective.

    See you all on Friday for the ride.
  • Condolences from Ireland, terrible tragedy.
  • Always saw him around the City. As with everyone else, my thoughts are with his friends and family at this time. I'll be there friday.

    RIP Henry.
  • Fuck! I must have seen him only a few hours before this happened :( how ironic he was in that tv program about how sketchy couriering can be

    RIP Henry

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