Headhunted by City Sprint!
  • True story.Happened while I was finishing my 99p coffee outside Fret and Danger opposite the corner earlier today.
    Black dude approaches,suited and booted,wants to know who I ride for.I tell him,he wants to give me his business card and says he's from City Sprint.I did a PFFFT.He's crestfallen.I bugger off.
    I also got a call from Bill.
  • steve the showpony next?!
  • Steve knows better I think,anyway see you in Dublin!
  • thats coz approx 20 pushies and motorbike s from lewis day have left already
  • Only 20 riders? I feel a bit crestfallen myself.
  • that was yesterday...was talking to a motorbike who was picking up a manchester lewis day pay 75p a mile outa town cs pay 55p thats a big difference,he said he was gonna wait til he gets paid,to see if he stays or goes, plus they get a 10% bonus and dont (or didnt) have to pay for xdas, non existant uniform, goods in transit insurance and whatever else makes up the £15-£20 a week cs riders/drivers pay to come to work(i believe new riders get charged more for some reason)

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