Creative looking for riders
  • I know they are,Wayne.Somebody had the foresight to cut and paste them.
    Carry on.
  • Yeah, someone needs to call him out on the 500, and use it and shove it right up his ass.
  • "But you did delete Patton's posts in the City Sprint thread or am I grossly mistaken? "

    I can't stop, and nor would I want to, anyone from deleting stuff that they have posted. However, I wouldn't delete stuff that someone else posted unless it was spam or grossly offensive.
  • I remember you telling me that you advised Patton to delete his posts for legal reasons.Or am I on crack?
  • Bill will you marry me?Maybe on ODs crack
  • I can't recall ever speaking to Patton in person, or had email or any other communication with him etc. I may have said to you that I thought that he was on very dodgy ground legally, as he revealed information that most companies would consider commercially confidential, but whether that's true or not, I have no real idea.

    I should say that if I was asked to take down stuff on the basis that it was libellous, defamatory etc that would be a different matter, but that has not happened with respect to that thread (although I have in fact been threatened with legal action with respect to a blog post some years ago on a matter not related in any way to courier companies working practices).
  • I must be imagining conversations again.Curly,bring your wellies over mate,it's pissing down here.
  • Glib, you are a fucking twat.

    "stop whinging about the rates, no ones making you be a courier"

    Yep, let's just keep out mouths shut until dockets are a pound each, shall we?
  • He was born a twat, he'll live a twat and he will die a twat.
  • Lets start a union and put the message across. we are not slaves.
  • Yeah you set the ball rolling. You must be dishevelled right? Or at least your ideas are as daft as his.

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