Looking for a Courier Bag
  • Im looking for a cheap Courier bag

    Has anyone got anything to offer
  • http://www.lfgss.com/thread78895.html check this bro a good bag. not sold by me though lol
  • Im still selling my Pac Bag

    £120 for a good bargain.

    It was for sale on here but communication seem to break down.

    Its a Pac Ultimate. Nice an big, all you need. It been used on the road but still in very good condition as these things just dont die. Let me know if you interested.
  • Sports direct are selling karrimor ones for £30 good quality I'd liken it to a timbuck 2 bag but without the thrills and cost.

  • it doesn't mention waterproof/resistance... i would avoid.

    £120 is a good price for a pac ultimate (ha! there's someone possibly reading this that might mean something to :fierce::wink:), as with any profession that involves tools- buy right, buy once. buy a £30 bag and you'll wind up breaking it in the not so distant future and having to invest properly anyway. by which point someone else will have the nice pac and you'll be looking at £300 or an inferior product.
  • I started out with an earlier version of that karrimor, already used, which was given to me by a mate to tide me over. It's totally NOT rain resistant and I used to line it with a binbag. It was also quite small and there were occasions when I'd have to turn down work. I now use a bag by a polish company called Timebomb. It doesn't have the features of the Pac and other such bags but at a fraction of the price, it does it's job. I paid 150 quid for mine, including p&p. I've been using it a year now and it's widthstood some pretty impressive loads. It's also great for taking out wing mirrors when fully loaded up!
  • buy my sexy pac, you know you want to. I have dirty picture of it if you would like to see them
  • Lol * wing mirrors and dirty pac pics. But yeh you get what you pay for at the end of the day, pay bargain basement an that's what you get I suppose. I guess its got to suite youre budget and application, somewhere inbetween should keep youre pockets happy and youre customers document semi dry.
  • Ratattack id happily buy the bag, are you still selling it?

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