Rider down Lower Thames st...
  • At the turning into Sj Berwins loading bay, Dump truck and "big daddy" Dylan. I saw the bike, it was a pancake. Apparantly he went to hospital and was released? Whole of Lower Thames shut off for hours. I saw the bike before I heard it was him, thought whoever was riding that bike was a gonner.
  • Kevin went to see him in the hospital yesterday and i believe he has a broken arm and the truck went over his leg,but i dont know how badly damaged his leg is,..
  • Hope it ain't too nasty.
  • Kieran said he was gonna go see him today btw his surname is Banton if you wanna go yerself
  • kieran isnt going to see him coz he's pished hehe
  • Fuckin hell, get well soon Big D
  • ï went down today but hes home now and hes pretty bashed up but hes ok !
  • shit ,get well soon bro.Where are security when you need them?just off too the offy be thinking about him, miss you all .Keep it Upright love Curly
  • may he have a full and speedy recovery.

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