St Patricks Day Mess and other fun
  • Alright troops! Us up in the wind and rain of delightful glasgow are thinkin about heading over to Dublin in march. Whos up for getting drunk and wet?

    Hope your all well!

    weejobell x
  • A few of us are heading over including the world's worst courier punk rock band,Ragworm!Seriously,looks like we'll be playing on one of the nights.See you there!
  • I'm going to get drunker
  • Impossible!
  • dont forget to take your dormouse, bum. His pining when your not there can be heard city-wide.
  • yeh im up for dublin overdrive, hit me up with the travel details when you got them, you mentioned coach then ferry saving money and the hassle of a bike bag (cardboard box..)
  • Rail and sail.£78 with bike the last time I looked.Get the tickets soon though.I reckon they'll sell fast as it's Paddy's day weekend innit.The band are all going on the 16th March so tag along with us,mate.
  • roger dat!
  • Dam you, Alaska Airlines! No way I can get an award ticket* but I'll be there in spirit. You kids have fun.
    *that's any award ticket I would have compromised and gone coach for that shit. One of my rules is don't cash in miles for anything less then business class.
  • k are you gone get as drunk as curly?Please post some snaps .fun will be had by one and be sure
  • Curly: I'll give it a bash...but, you drunk as curly? That's a pretty high benchmark and I'm only a wee fella

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