Is it worth it?
  • Is getting into the courier business in london worth it?

    I am a massive cycling fanatic and i've wanted to be a courier for as long as i can remeber, but is it really worth it, or will i find myself living in some run down flat for the rest of my life.

    What do you guys reckon, i know its not all the glamourous hipster lifestyle many would like to believe but what is it really like, making ends meet and whatnot.
  • I've got a few mates in manchester that ha e been or are still couriers, some are bums, some are students, some own there own house but they basically all live in Hulme, Old Trafford Moss side, Rusholme and one in Salford overlooking the spot where that student got shot. As far as I can see in Manchester it's like a college job or a life style job, whichever youre in it for; every courrier I know does some form of drug or combination of drugs but hey, who doesnt. I just want to do it cause I lovr riding and need a job whilst at college, plus I want to be a cool ass bastard lol
  • Greasing the Pelican.
  • I have a raging coffee habit. It's out of control. The company turns a blind eye. But sometimes I'll get caught out. They'll see me on the tracker.. making excuses.. stopping off. Having a quick fix. Oh, the shame of it!
  • Dont yeah just hate generalizeations.I do have an addiction to tools.Send him to Salfords lads club.Orrrrr come to LDN see the range
  • Not gonna lie, nothing anything any of you have said has made the slightest bit of sense to me.
  • the funny thing after a few years on the road, they start to make sense, even Curly. Maybe that might answer your question?
  • I'm actually addicted to tools I sit an look at machine mart catalogues wishing I could touch the pictures and make them appear lol
  • Is getting into the courier business in london worth it?

    Is taking any job 'worth it'? Define 'it' and then I can tell you what 'it's' worth.
    What are you looking for from life? If its power, financial security, the ability to wealde strength over all around you, respect from the public, respect from clients, home ownership, and a healthy bank balance guaranteed to fund all of lifes exploits until the day you die, then your answer is no. And good luck finding that from any 'job' in London or the world.

    You take the same risks entering into any unknown situation. I took a personal risk leaving a secure but mentally and physically unfulfilling job to become a pushbike courier because I badly needed a change of life situation, and I'm still alive and fighting fit today.

    I am a massive cycling fanatic and i've wanted to be a courier for as long as i can remember, but is it really worth it, or will i find myself living in some run down flat for the rest of my life.

    Good, you like cycling. It kinda helps in this job. I love bikes, and own two which I love to bits and enjoy riding both for work and for fun.
    I too thought about couriering for ages before taking the plunge (see above).

    Again you fail to define what you want from life here, as many people do before deciding on action.
    In this economic climate, many people with surprisingly good jobs will find themselves housed in less than their ideal location. I don't know many people who are content with where they live. For me, I love my flat but wish I could afford to live there by myself. I'm not very sociable at home, and why should I be? Its my refuge and sanctity from the world outside when I choose to retreat from it, the less problems at home the better eh?

    If you dont like run down flats, you're ok becoming a courier as long as you want to share with others or live in a bedsit, or squat (the quality varies - and the debate on squats can be found elsewhere). I know very few couriers who own their own place or even desire to live in any number of soul-less new block of flats that spring up on every closed-down Texaco garage forecourt around London.

    What do you guys reckon, i know its not all the glamourous hipster lifestyle many would like to believe but what is it really like, making ends meet and whatnot.

    I enjoy my life, have good friends through work, and good aqquaintances too. We might not see eye to eye continually, we might not be in each others lives much, but if I see a fellow courier in trouble on the street I always stop regardless of who they are.

    But then I'm not a hipster. Theres so many different types of hipster coming from all cultures in life from football to music, from skateboarding to film-making, but if you wanna find bike hipsters just go down Brick Lane on a Sunday and check out the 'show & tell' style of posing outside the Big Chill with a 2 grand bike. If you've found out about couriering through these people my advice would be to come down to Fullcity in Leather Lane on a Friday around 7pm and meet real couriers who have just finished a 10 hour day in the cold rain, grab a beer, and ask questions.

    Whats it really like? For me its all weather-dependant, the right clothes are a must if your in it for more than six months, and start now, that way next winter wont be such a shock to your system like it was to mine after a relatively first easy summer.

    Cycling all day is knackering, exhilarating, depressing, adrenalising, fear-inducing, easy, dangerous, and can make you feel alive, scared, vulnerable, happy, high, and more. I love it, it keeps me fit, gives me an appetite the size of a lion, and the stamina of a king. Everyday tasks like moving house that were once harsh, and physically demanding and frankly a pain in the ass pale into insignificance once you've ridden 10 hours in the snow and ice.

    Prepare for your relationships with cars and pedestrians to change.

    Hopefully this has helped, and remember its only my opinion - others may have different views.

    Respect to all couriers in London, stay safe.
  • everyday tasks like moving house - what a shit example, sorry people. But you know what I mean. . .stuff thats a pain in the ass becomes a piece of piss.
  • Thanks Charlie, your response helped a lot.

    Apologise for my vagueness, I guess when I say "is it worth it" I mean will I be risking a life of near poverty for me and my fiancée just to do a job that I would enjoy, or would I be able to work knowing comfortably that she's always going to have a relatively comfortable place to live and a nice dinner on the table (not forgetting she does work too, but I don't want to end up a useless mooch)

    If it were down to me, there would be no question about it, but when my choice does impact the life of another I just thought I'd be careful about the matter
  • Charlie,surely you meant come down to Full City in leather?Please say you did.Von would be chuffed.
  • you spend about 33% of your life working, so why not do something you enjoy, I done the whole college thing, tried the whole suit and tie jobby, worked in a bar, but when it all came down to it the best job i have ever had in my life was one were i was riding my bike. Its also a great way to discover a city properly,I started couriering in Toronto, came back to england worked in a bar for 3 months, hated so went and knocked on some doors and started riding again. and i havent looked back since.

    I have a nice place to live in clapham, its a flat share but i dont mind. I can afford to go out at weekends, and eat well enough, enjoy a few beers and still have a bit of cash left over.

    If you work hard then the benefits will be there. its like anything. Im healthier then ive ever been, even more so since quitting smoking. I eat like a horse and never put any weight on. I can ride off a hang over in an hour.

    I used to be of an attitude that money makes you happy, well I have been through a few ups and downs over the last 5 years and have come out the other side with the view that Money is not the be all and end all of happiness.

    I would rather spend my working life doing something that I love and enjoy and look forward to getting up for each morning then be part of the rat race stuck on crowded trains every day wearing a suit and tie and hating my job.

    I'd rather be happy and earn slightly less then be unhappy earning more.

    healthy body = happy mind

    one thing to remember:- your worst day on your bike will be better then your best day in the office
  • It's like trying to give a soapy tit wank to a dormouse.
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  • @ OD: My days of parading around in leather are over, and I believe they only really involved a leather jacket with a few Ramones badges on it. I'm a courier now, John. No need to dress up any more. Plus I don't, er, roll that way, to use the current nomanclature. ..

    @bum: your days of lubing up are far from over, keep trying, that mouse will thank you eventually.

    @glib: I'm allergic to cats mate sorry.

    @mcr: just re-phrase your generalisation to 'every human you know does some sort of drug' and you'l hit the jackpot. Or tell the ones you care about to talk to Frank, and everyone else to go fuck 'emselves possibly in the same room as the aforementioned dormouse tit-wank session.
  • this post has got a little bit sureal blee
  • if you're already worrying about what sort of house you're going to spend the rest of your life living in then i'd give the same day despatch industry a very wide berth.
  • Welcome to the House of Pain Muthafucka!!!
  • I agree with most of the comments about it being a great life etc.

    However if you want to be serious about the thing with your fiancee and have a nice place for yourselves without sharing then i suggest you get the fuck out of london and probably blighty as well.

    Compare and contrast ....

    London messenger - room in houseshare with random imposters - 400 quid a month
    Bayonne (SW France) sandblaster - 2 bedroom flat with beautiful views - 500 euros a month
  • It wont just ruin your living arrangements.

    Your sex life will suffer:
    Sores in the wrong places.
    Random leg cramps at the worst possible moment.
    Falling asleep as soon as you have eaten.

    If any of your mates have a nice garden then maybe you could buy a tent and live there?

    In a more serious response. Do it, enjoy yourself. I started doing this as I decided that my current career wasnt for me. I was temping and really not enjoying it so when my contract was up I became a courier. Its given me some breathing space away from the daily grind of the office and a chance to think about what I really want. I have met some amazing new people, changed a lot of my world views, and most importantly have a life plan where I didnt before.

    It will be hard and it will hurt and you will be broke for at least 6 months when you start (and for the summer months every year) but for myself, I think it was worth it. You may not have the same experience though so dont burn any bridges and back yourself up finacially before you start. Expect to earn 100 quid for the first few months, 200 for the next and maybe if you are doing well around 300 once you are "established", and your controllers like you!

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