City Sprinters,what's up???
  • Heard CS are gonna introduce some new rules for their riders.One of which is,I cannot believe it myself,is that if a rider leaves CS then that rider cannot work for another company for 3 months thereafter!Pffft!
    Someone please tell me this is a load of bollocks.
  • Also,riders will be fined if deemed to have caused damage to the reputation of CS.
  • CS reserve the right to share all their riders' personal data with whoever they like.
  • Any CS riders have the balls to post here and verify this crap?
  • That would be illegal - restriction of trade or some such. Sounds like you're being
    fed some BS.
  • see 'cityleaks' thread: I think you're referring to clause 8.4, which says:

    '8.4 The Contractor shall not, during the term of this Agreement and for a period of three (3) months following its termination, whether by himself or by any servant or agent or otherwise howsoever and whether on the Contractor's own account or on behalf of or in conjunction with any other person, firm, company or other organization, directly or indirectly, in competition with CitySprint:
    8.4.1 solicit or attempt to solicit any Restricted Business from any Customer; and
    8.4.2 engage in business with or otherwise deal in competition with CitySprint with any Customer (except as expressly directed or authorised by CitySprint).
    For the purposes of this Clause 8.4 the following expressions shall have the following meanings:-

    "Customer" shall mean any person, firm, company or other entity who or which at any time during the Relevant Period has been a customer or client of CitySprint and with whom or which the Contractor has had dealings or involvement in the course of performing the Services at any time during the Relevant Period;

    "Relevant Period" means the period of six months immediately preceding the date of termination of this Agreement;

    "Restricted Business" shall mean any business the same as, similar to or in any way directly or indirectly competitive with any business conducted by CitySprint with any third party including customers and prospective customers in which the Contractor has had any involvement at any time during the Relevant Period.

    If the Contractor breaches this Clause 8.4, it is acknowledged that CitySprint will suffer loss, such loss not to be less than £1,000 in monetary value. Accordingly, the Contractor agrees that £1,000 would be a genuine pre-estimate of the loss that CitySprint would suffer as a result of a breach by the Contractor and that CitySprint be and is hereby specifically authorised to recover that loss, without prejudice to any other rights that CitySprint may have against the Contractor, by deducting such sum or so much of such sum as may be due from CitySprint to the Contractor.'

    So if you leave and take a client (where client means 'anyone who's booked a job with city sprint in the last 6 months') with you they'll try and fine you £1000. Not sure how workable this would be, but sounds fucking dubious.
  • So you can work for anothef company, just not one that serves any previous clients of CS.
  • Thanks for clearing that up.You read books and that don't ya?
  • I don't think that bit is really enforceable or there might be ways around it. I'd really like to have a solicitor look it over. If I were working for C. S. , just a thought.
  • A client can move from one courier company to another, of their own volition, any time they choose. City Sprint would have to prove otherwise.
  • im going to get it checked out by a solicitor because i dont speak legalese very well ...... if you need to access yer invoices next time you are near scrutton st just get them printed out downstairs also we all pay goods in transit insurance so if the crap we gotta use is lost or damaged surely we are covered , , the radio is the worst fucking thing ive ever used , , even the controller s are tearing their hair out over them
  • Yet again you proved yourself to be thieving, robbing nazi cunts. You effectively hold people to ransom to let them earn a living. Nothing short of slavery. And how do you think it is possible to stop a man/woman to seek alternative employment after working for you twats? Are you above the law. Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a piss in the ocean. Let's face it, you are a shit company to work for on the road or off. That is not only my own opinion but the opinion of many of your employees. Of course there are people out there who disagree and they are recognisable by a shit stain the size of europe on their nose and would readily subscribe to your "suck my balls and I'll give you a living" business style. Thing is, if somebody with a more suckable bollock turns up...So heres to you, shitty skint

    Cant get embed to work so just follow the link
  • Dunno about the insurance thing. When I was there I got pulled up on a job I had delivered 3 weeks earlier. Apparently it was concert tickets and they cant find them (no one noticed this for 3 weeks though yea?) and they cant find my POD sheet. Got all kinda shit hittin the fan from that with one MD tryan tell me I was goin to have to pay for them my self, accusing me of being dishonest and all sorts. Got stabbed in the back by all sorts and people who had been nice and friendly every day at the loading bay showing their tru colours. If you work for them prepare to be ass fucked for your living and stay the hell away from the office at all costs.
  • Remember the rider that was sacked by CS on Xmas eve?He took them to a tribunal I think,anyone know what happened with that?
  • that was catweazle

    it didn't surprise anyone that he was sacked as kev and bri always played it like absolute cunts at xmas, it gave me a good laugh that they probably had a few sleepless nights over it though.

    nothing came of it, he had a union on board but they gave up, the last word has yet to be said on private contractors.
  • "Selection and retention criteria for cycle couriers are very competitive" Hmm? Translates as "If you want a life, go work somewhere else". I also wonder why there is rarely another company that strikes a debate the way cs does. Could it be that they are just so First Class good, that to be or not to be a cs rider is the pinnacle of messenger glory and all the critisism is just the voice of a dejected and bruised ego? Or is it just the fact that they are a bunch of cunts! I'd go with the latter.
  • @captain Puffing on a lovely cuban right now. Ooops, that came out wrong! Cuban cigar that is. Oh wrong again.
  • "Selection and retention criteria for cycle couriers are very competitive"

    means we employ whoever walks through the door when we just fired somebody and we fire people at whim.

    @mike i recomend quorum nicaraguan hand rolled cigars, for the discerning gentleman with no disposable income.
  • Will give them a try but I must say try Partagas 10. Very much worth the money as the size makes them last hours. Anyroad, skype me.
  • See the "cityleaks"thread on how CS conduct a "business relationship" with their riders.
  • I know. I read it. Would be funny if it wasn't my mates who suffered it. If there ever was a abusive "relationship" here it is "Yes your honour, I told here that if she sees anybody else within three months of our divorce I'd kick her head in. So I did" Lovely people to work for. Actually it wouldn't be funny whoever got treated like that. Fucking disgusting. I take that back. There is one rider at cs who deserves every bit of shit that is flung at him So this is for for you 99 (not current call sign) as I am sure you are lurking to see if we all love you on here. Narcisistic cunt and all round loser, failure and foppy haired arse wipe. Couldn't see a Brazilian bird after a passport so you married her, fool. You need to work on your social skills dickhead. Anyway, overdrive, You coming down to watch the game at mine?
  • City Sprint? do they have bike riders as well, or am i thinking of the wrong company, i thought they just had vans.
  • You must be thinking of UPS, DHL or Fedex.
  • Porno,I only just saw your post,see you during the week.
  • Must be but im sure I cycled past city sprint near salford when I worked there for royal mail and they had a tone of vans there. Just wandered as I wouldn't mind getting into the game an giving couriering a go, just don't know how to get into it in Manchester been on the dole for nearly 6 months now, mind numbingly boring, I'd work all week for dol e money just to get out of signing on and have something to do other thank smoke drink and play xbox.
  • Move to London,mate.
    It's grim up north.
  • Probably would if I could afford it lol
  • dole is probably better than cs
  • Death before City Sprint!
  • Control is nice .Still has a little On Yer Bike ,SD spirte the rest are dull people in bad clothing.Come on some ov the best riders in London work there cant all be bad.
  • Porno just listened to that Johnny Cash number,made my day,cheers mate
  • @McR_Rider86: there are currently less than half a dozen cycle couriers in Manchester - down from nearly twenty ten years ago. No work here. Don't even think about it.

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