half price warerproof jackets for sale!!
  • hi everybody! I have couple of waterproof jackets for sale!(unwanted gifts from santa) Endura(black size L) & Bontrager (orange size L) both are brand new with tags! if anyone wanted pls let me know hire or(07835453046 peter)THX! happy new year for all of you and cycle safe and dry!
  • Endura £50 Bontrager £75
  • there is a photo of Bontrager jacket http://d2c.infogin.com/en-gb/google.co.uk|01/GJEGKVOQIODQDTOUMQHT/ig8del/lnk000/=www.westbrookcycles.co.uk/images/products/zoom/1323789924-31266800.jpg/
  • and ENDURA one http://d2c.infogin.com/en-gb/google.co.uk|01/GJEGKVOQIODQDTPUFQPT/ig8del/lnk000/=www.spacycles.co.uk/smsimg/202/2457-7272-main-convert_ii_waterproof_jacket-202.jpg/

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