Rider down on victoria street/artillery row late morning.
  • andy from e-courier (friendly fella on the silver and blue mountain bike) was hit this morning on the corner of artilery row/victoria street, rumours were going around abit but to confirm i have heard from other e-courier riders that he is unfortunately in hospital with severe injuries but is being looked after, has anyone heard anything since? real nice guy horrible to here and see.
  • Shit news,I know who you mean,hasn't been at it long.How bad is he?Hope it ain't too nasty.
  • http://www.lfgss.com/thread78154.html
  • Sounds like he's in a very bad way.Fuck it.
  • Best wishes Andy, get well soon mate. . .fuckin hell what a way to start 2012 eh? According to Facebook he's in Queen Mary's. . .stable
  • Cant remember my login to LFGSS so would like someone to quote me from here. "@almac68. To hijack a thread like this with your trivial work shit, on the scale of things, is just disgusting. You "arguing the toss over trivial stuff" tube trains etc is somehow relevant when two people could have died? Incredible. Then you go on to say "new tube entrance goes directly below the stage house acoustically it's fucked" Well tough. Someone nearly lost their life today. Maybe theys hould have both been on one of those busy schedule Victoria line trains that so ruin your life. Andy and Second Rider,Get well soon.
  • Fortunately Andy is going to make a full recovery. He has been in/out hospital with a badly broken leg and suffered some other injuries in the accident, which were of concern at the time but not as serious as first thought.

    Apparently the skip driver who knocked him off will be charged with driving offences.

    He is bored and can't wait to get back to work!
  • Great news.Be good to see him back on the road.
  • Likewise, nice chap.
  • Just a thought here, a broken leg is going to take a few months to heal, he's going to be a tad well, bugfuck, about a month from now really make an effort to check up on him. I've been laid up with a couple injuries and that second and third month are the hardest, I was having conversations with the dam toaster by then.

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