beyond belief
  • Have to share this with people as it was unbelievable.
    Last night riding home was overtaken by some guy. thought nothing of it. 500 yards down the road i se him stopped at some lights but when they change green he is still stopped and as i approach he flags me down. puncture i immediately think and am ready to help this dude out.
    Turns out its abrand new bike from evans he's just bought. he's riding it home from the shop and on the long straight he goes up the gears and starts to build up some speed. came to the lights and realised he doesnt know how to shift back down so he's stuck on a 53t ring and cant get going.
    Usually i would have laughed in his face but it was so stupid i was in shock. i showed him how to operate the shifters and went on my way. he was extremely grateful. was totally surreal
    It is only today i can begin to comprehend how fucked up this was.
  • haha! The things you see..
  • Laugh! (I did)
  • A perfect opportunity to have said,"Get a sweet fixie,bitch!"Then ride off.
  • "if you don't know how to ride it....., don't" might have been my pissy sarcastic response.
    @ overdrive Arika (That's how she spells it) sends her love. We did a shot in your honor. I hear she has a boyfriend on mainland but you've got that sexy English accent brah.......
  • Hey Kirk,

    I'm guessing Arika is the barmaid?Tell her I'd love to meet and have a beer with you both,it'd be a privilege,especially as you are in such an exotic place.Have you moved there now or is it a work thing?Anyway,I'll be in Chicago later on in the year for CMWC 2012 and I'm hoping we can hook up there,mate.We can both do shots in Arika's honor!

    Take it easy,Brah.

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