• What fixed combination do folks ride?
  • I ride the pussy that is 46/17. Looking to go ^.

    But how far ^?
  • "spin" is the word to remember, if your legs appear to be moving uncomfortably quickly then it's probably about right, your body will adapt. it also makes it easier to stop the thing once you have slicked the back tyre.
  • That ratio is too slow for me. Good for spinning in the centre but that's about it.

    Just want to gauge what other ratios people are riding and getting jobs done.
  • yeah it's nice to go really fast for a change along marylebone road or whatever, but that's doable on a 2.5 ratio.
    48/16 (3 ratio) just makes life hell when you are genuinely tired or just don't feel like it.
  • OK thanks, not so far off.
    But I consider M-bone Rd to be kind of slow, due to traffic. You hardly expect to go 23+ mph.

    Actually my question relates to how quickly I can commute into and out of, and yet be able to survive the day.
  • Going east on Mbone you can hit all the lights on green if you can almost stay with the cars
  • or you could when Duran Duran were number 1 and Jonathan King and Gary Glitter were just family entertainers
  • I don't want to seem like a simpleton but, why don't you find out for yourself. Just brainstorming here.
  • Try 63x15. its a nice workout for the knees. Give it a go bro!
  • This subject has been done to death on here.This is just one of the threads:
  • Well I hate to hijack a thread but this really is undeserving of it's own thread. So wife drags my ass to Kehei again, I'm thinking about grabbing a rental bike for some after sunset shenanigans and I check out the web site for what they say is "The best shop on da' island, brah(place shaka hand gesture here)." I've never ridden fixed but I want to go flip these guys some shit on behalf of messengers everywhere. You know a trend has bottomed out when they start trying to market it here. On the up side at least we've got a shop sponsor for that "Old burnt out bike courier retreat" I keep talking about.
  • 46/17 THE GEAR OF THE MOOOOOOOOOOOFOOOOOOOOOOOOING GODS...... and people with tired legs who feel they are getting old and dont get enough sleep because the kids have colds and have been up all night and all the dockets are heading W8 and E1 and they really shouldnt have had a beer with lunch and the lactic acid wont subside and the those dreamy days of super sweet contracts with loads of cash and early finishes (remember them Captin?) are all gone. Oh and if you need some speed at the right moment you can punch right out of a sticky spot with that gear.

    Just saying innit

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