alive of abracadabra wow gold
  • amidst the a amazing action
  • What are you guys on? I feel like I'm missing out on some new drug...
  • What did you even search for? I feel like I've been battered by joy.
  • what amazes me is that tienghwow25 has actually come back and edited his post.

    he's such a perfectionist, and i remember him being like that when we were at school together back in the early eighties,

    last time i saw him he was very slowly pushing a closed pram around oxford circus whilst wearing a green crash helmet,

    good to have ya back buddy
  • I think you must be the only person I know who remembers the closed pram crash helmet guy...he seemed invisible to most...
  • Used to see him on Kensington High St. years ago.Weird?Just a bit.
  • Wish I'd had a camera phone back then, do you know anymore about him?
  • I remember him, and yes no one seemed to believe me whenever I told them!
  • a fattish guy, with trousers that were a little short?
  • what about "white paint tramp"? the guy who pushes a shopping trolley around and seems to hang in different areas of London at different times of year and covers himself with white paint.....he still about?
  • "White paint tramp" is alive and well and dwells in the chi-chi environs of Marylebone. I miss "Completely Gold Painted Wierd Guy On Matching Gold Bike" who used to ride around Holborn. And that mental busker who sang Stones tunes on a guitar with one string. How goes the turbo trainer Winston?
  • While we're at it,who remembers "Piccadilly Circus Loudspeaker Evangelical Guy"that always stood on the island where Regents St. hits the circus.If I recall correctly he looked like the oldish bloke with the blondish barnet that rides for Reuters.Could actually be the same fella...!
  • Anyway,nevermind that,look at these guys.....
  • Yeah white paint fella is still out there in Marylebone. Last thing I heard about "Are you a winner or a sinner" was he was spotted in Sydney by Lee Pie Man. Must be money in bible bashing. And I saw Clerkenwell Keith about a month ago. He was playing a gig on the steps next to the chippy on Whitfield street but he needs to get his tambourine player back, 75 year old woman with some rhythm. Some memorable gigs from that combo. Oh, I think he attends a day centre at the church on St Giles High Street. And has anybody seen Box On Head man lately. He was brilliant. Took a box. A4. Wore it for awhile. Then started modding it. Plastic milk bottles for ears, a bit of air con duct for a breathing apparatus and some pink bendy straws for antennae.It got better and better. Fuck tin-foil hatters, this bloke was The Biz! And of course we cant leave Fuck You Abdul out. I came in to work one morning and there he was. He had tied a brolly to the back of his trousers and was singing "we built this city" to a bunch of tourists on a walking tour. Nice at 9.30 in the morning and a lasting memory of London.
  • Haha!That was it ,"be a winner not a sinner",well remembered Porno.
  • hahahah yea be a winner used to kill me hahahahaha. I was just thinking about what happend to him the other day. He always had headphone on and im sure he was just reciting from pre recorded tapes. Funny stuff though any time I used to pull up at the lights next to him.
    What about Mr perm/top hat/carrier bag, short shorts and a day-glo leather race jacket man. He vanished for a while but seems to have re-surfaced.
    Although the king of westend hoarders has to be the guy with a million shopping trollies. Mainly in Fitzrovia, specialises in shopping trolly logistics. He seems to be allot more on the ball than most though. Every now and then he would be nice and clean shaven with a fresh cut. I once saw him giving change to some homeless guy.
    I love the characters of London. It just wouldn't be the same with out them
  • Trousers Made of Plastic Bags Man.Is he still about?Used to see him knocking around by Piccadilly underpass years ago.Hope he's alright.
  • does anyone remember the exceptionally bad bongo player on oxford street oppsite selfridges?
  • "Winner not Sinner" man annoyed me, he rarely said anything else and I once witnessed him being very aggressive and rude towards a woman who was brave enough to engage him in rational debate....(on the tube)
  • turbo training is gong well...haven't been on one since 2005, since then podcasts have been invented.....and I have a shed.
  • he eats prawns, oh dear, they are an abomination aren't they?
  • Gentlemen,I found this:
  • spot the courier at 26 seconds
  • yeah that man ^ (not captain mysterio) was a dick.
  • That's nice.
  • If you are into coprophilia

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