• .....Couriers On Cocaine & Ketamine

    After finding out that I,along with several other London bike couriers,am a ketamine taking,rent-dodger I have decided to start this thread.Facebook wouldn't let me create a group so here it is.Please post all your stories of debauchery and skullduggery,your tales of absolutely shitting all over your fellow couriers and sneaky attempts at undermining the domestic future of the people you say hello to on the road.Also,post your underhand rent dodging antics whilst getting fucked & bombed.

    Fuckyou very much.

  • I would like to see Matt, dodgy pink lycra, claiming to have a degree in engineering though for some reason working as a shit courier for a shit company, coming around Creative Corner and explain himself.
  • And I just had a thought matt. You just shit on my mates which means you shit on me. I'd rather not do something like that.
  • Maybe I'm not doing enough blow to counter balance the K or that I don't live in London but what all this about? Anyway gotta go moving out but don't tell my roommates.
  • i know enough of the situation to guess what and who this pertains to...

    darkside :sad:
  • I told Tracey who was the controller at Premier some many years ao that I was gay, she was a lesbian, I thought the connection would help her to give me work. it did.

    I never rent dodged but I always cheated the leccie if I was living alone.

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