premium rush to be sued by ultimate rush...
  • You need to get that looked at...
  • you offering...?
  • I'm insisting!
  • You dawg, you...getting a new saddle, I'll send you the old one which you can sniff to your heart's content. :hungry:
  • "He traveled on in-line skates, not on a bicycle..."

    So this means the rest of the 'intellectual property' is invalid, even though the main thread of the story is very similar AND was submitted/optioned by WB's? This isn't the first time I've seen stories/screenplays being contained/bought off with a "retainer" then being slightly rewritten and someone else getting the credit/royalties. Whatever that amounts to these days...
  • Just wondering, Who'll offer to sniff or cure the 2nd hand athletes thrush in-line skates?!?

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